Heat, Sound & Light

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Question Answer
Type of sound wave:Longitudinal
What is light?A form of energy
Scientific name for light:Electromagnetic Radiation
Family light belongs to:Electromagnetic Spectrum
Colour of light with the most energy:Violet
What can you conclude about wavelength and energy levels?The smaller the wavelength, the higher the energy.
Symbol used to show wavelength:Lambda
TroughThe lowest measurement of frequency
PeakThe highest measurement of frequency.
high wavelength=low frequency
Primary coloursRed, blue, green.
Lateral inversionWhen left becomes right and it is mirrored
RefractionThe bending of light
Speed of soundSound travels at 340ms-1
How long would it take sound to travel 1 kilometre?3 seconds
What type of wave is sound?Mechanical wave
Mechanical waveWhere vibrations travel through a medium
How longitudinal waves worksMolecules in the air vibrate backwards and forwards in
How frequency is measured: Cycles per second, or hertz
Scale used to show the loudness of sounds The decibel