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Heart chapter

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ArteriesBlood vessels that deliver blood from the heart to other parts of the body
capillarysmall blood vessels connect arterioles to venules
HemoglobinProtein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from lungs to rest of the body
LeukocyteWhite blood cells, which protect body against disease
lymphClear fluid moves throughout the lymphatic system to fight disease
LymphocyteSubtype of white blood cell found in lymph
PlasmaPale yellow component of blood that carries red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets throughout body
SystolePortion of the cardiac cycle in which heart expels blood
VeinBlood vessels that carry blood to heart

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Heart attacksAlso known as Myocardial infarction. Blood flow stops at part of the coronary artery, so damages heart muscles
StrokePoor blood flow stops to brain, results in cell death
AneurysmsBalloon like pocket in artery that may rupture
AtherosclerosisPlaque in artery can cause stroke or heart attack
ArrythmiasImproper heart beat coming from uncoordinated atrial and ventricular contractions
HypertensionBlood pressure in arteries increases
DepolarizationContraction of the heart
RepolarizationRelaxation of the heart
Fibrillationcondition of rapid and irregular heart rhythm taken away from the SA node by rapid activity in other heart regions

Section 3

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LymphocytesB/T cells
B cellsSecrete antibodies
T CellsOversees cell mediated immunity, not involved with antibodies but cells similar to phagocytes
LeukocytesProtect body from invasion, 2 types granulocytes and agranulocytes
GranulocytesRelatively phagocytes
NeutrophilGranulocyte, slay bacteria
EosinophilsGranulocytes, parasite worms
BasophilsGranulocytes, Vasodilator
Types of AgranulocytesLymphocytes and Monocytes


Question Answer
Cardiac outputAmount of blood pumped out by each ventricle in 1 minute. Product of Heart rate and Stroke volume
Stroke volumeDefined as volume of blood pumped out by one ventricle with each beat
Cardiac CycleIncludes all events associated with blood flow through the heart during one complete heart beat
Cardiac reserveDifference between resting and maximum Cardiac output
medulla oblongataHas a cardiac center and modifies heart rate
Heart contraction involves what 2 eventsconduction system initiating an action potential and cardiac muscles fire action potentials and contract

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