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Viralhiv/aids, hep b, hep c, genital warts, herpes
Parasiticcrabs, scabies,vaginitis
1 female/male symptom (chlamydia) burning when pissing
when does it appear (chlamydia)2-6 weeks
percent of male/female that dont have symptoms (chlamydia)70% female, 50% male
testing (chlamydia)pelvic exam, penile swab
treatment (chlamydia)antibiotics
complication (chlamydia)damage reproductive organs
male female (chlamydia)sterility
symptoms (gonorrhea)white/yellow discharge from genitals/anus 3-5 days
treatment (gonorrhea)antibiotics
1st stage (syphilis)sore at infection site
2nd stage (syphilis)rash
3rd stage (syphilis)years later-if untreated causes heart disease,blindness, brain damage, and death
treatment (syphilis)antibiotics
transmission (HIV/AIDS)sexual intercourse,pregnancy,breastfeeding, through blood,platelets, or plasma
treatment (HIV/AIDS)no vaccine, slows down progression using drug cocktails, HIV+moms who are treated during pregnancy reduce the risk of passing the virus on to 6%
symptoms (Heb B)poor appetite,nausea,vomiting, and jaundice
when does it appear (Heb B)2-6 months
transmission (Heb B)sexual intercourse
testing (Heb B)blood tests
when does it appear (Hep C)6-8 weeks
transmission (Hep C)sexual intercourse (rare)
testing (Hep C)blood test
complications (Hep C)liver cancer
symptoms (genital warts)fleshy,grouped warts on or around the penis,anus,or vagina, contagious
transmission (genital warts)skin to skin contact
treatment (genital warts)antibiotics
complications (genital warts)links between genital warts and cervical cancer in women, people with anal warts have a greater risk of anal cancer
symptoms (herpes)tingling and itching in genital area, symptoms may not appear for years, clusters of tiny blisters burst and are painful for weeks
transmission (herpes)direct contact with open sores
treatment (herpes)no cure
symptoms (crabs)itchy genital area
transmission (crabs)person to person contact, contaminated sheets,linens,towels or clothing
treatment (crabs)creams and shampoos
symptoms (scabies)mainly itching at night,rash in skin folds, between fingers,on wrists
treatment (scabies)creams and lotions
symptoms (vaginitis)abnormal,smelly discharge
how (vaginitis)by a fungus parasite, during sexual contact or through contaminated towels

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