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Puberty Changes

Question Answer
How female changes in puberty1. hormones produced in ovaries 2. breast development menstruation begins 4. Ovum produced in ovaries 5. ovulation begins 6. feminine body features 7. body hair growth
How males change in puberty 1. deepening of voice 2. masculine body changes 3.hormones produced in testis 4.sperm produced in testis 5. body hair growth
4 categories of changes in pubertyPhysical, chemical release(hormones), emotional, and social

Menstrual Cycle

Question Answer
Menstruation Stage 1Uterine lining thickens because the uterine lining has prepared itself for a possible pregnancy by becoming thicker and richer in blood vessels
Menstruation Stage 2Ovulation (release of egg)
Menstruation Stage 3Egg travels down the Fallopian tube towards uterus
Menstruation Stage 4If no sperm present, fertilization does not occur and the lining is shed through a ‘period’
Options for females to protect against periods pads, tampons, menstrual cups

Process of Pregnancy

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Process of pregnancy 1Sperm enters the vagina, swim through the mucus to Fallopian tubes (tries to find an egg).
Process of pregnancy 2If sperm and egg unite both, they journey back to uterus together while changes occur inside and out.
Process of pregnancy 3Cell begins dividing. The group of cells, called an embryo, implant in the uterus wall, where it will spend 40 weeks developing.


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female symptomsfemale: new/odd vaginal discharge, pain during sex
Symptoms appear2-6 weeks after infection
Chlamydia is bacterial/viral/parasitic? backterial
male symptomsmale: swelling, testicular pain, Itching inside penis, watery/milky drip from penis
testing/treatmentpelvic exams (women) and penile swab (men) antibiotics/ follow up tests
Complications: can permanently damage reproductive system, Mother to baby transfer, cause infection of eyes and lungs


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Gonorrhea symptoms-White/ yellowish discharge from genitals/anus 3-5 days after having sex -painful urination or defecation -symptoms may not appear, or can even appear up to 30 days after exposure - get severe pelvic pain after their period(f)
Gonorrhea testingTesting: pelvic exam/ penile swab
Gonorrhea Treatmentantibiotics
Gonorrhea Complicationscause PID (pelvic Inflammatory disease), & pregnancies, can make urination difficult.


Question Answer
Syphilis symptoms 1 stage1st stage: canker sore at infection site (lips, genitals, anus)
Syphilis symptoms 2 stage2nd stage: rash, swollen glands, appear 4-10 weeks after exposure, may occur up to 2 years later.
Syphilis symptoms 3rd stage: years later if untreated it can cause, heart disease, blindness, brain damage, and death
Syphilis Transmission- blood borne bacteria, -intercourse -mother to baby -sharing needles /personal hygiene items
Syphilis Treatment/TestingTesting: blood tests examination and swabs of lesions Treatment: antibiotics
Syphilis Complicationscan affect whole body. Babies born with it have birth defects, and often die.


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symptomsnone for 8-11 years, then secondary to a failing immune system which leaves you exposed to other infections (not STI related infections, other stuff like the flu for example)
Transmission- intercourse -sharing needles/toothbrushes/razors (blood contamination) -ear piercing and tattooing -pregnancy, delivering/breastfeeding
TestingTesting:blood test
Treatment- no vaccine - slow process by taking drug cocktails - treated during pregnancy reduce risk of infecting baby by 6%
Complications- drug overdose -failure to follow regimen -opportunistic infection&cancer to take advantage of failing immune system

Hepatitis B

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symptoms-poor appetite, nausea, vomiting -jaundice (yellowish skin)
symptoms appear2-6 months after contact
Transmission-intercourse -sharing needles, toothbrushes, razors (blood contamination) -ear piercing/ tattooing
Testing/treatmentTesting:blood test Treatment: avoid alcohol (failing liver) -healthy diet -vaccine is available as a prevention, but there is no cure
complications- serious liver disease -10% of people become chronic carriers (i.e. virus never goes away, you can always contaminate someone else).

Hepatitis C

Question Answer
Hepatitis C symptoms-fatigue -loss of appetite -nausea -abdominal pain -jaundice
symptoms appear6-8 weeks after contact (only 25% of infected people have symptoms)
Transmission-intercourse -needle stick injuries
Testing/TreatmentTesting: blood test Treatment: reduce drug/alcohol intake to zero -interferon may help some
Complications90% became chronic carriers with no symptoms

Genital Warts

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symptomsfleshy, grouped warts on or around penis anus, or vagina (not painful), -Extremely contagious (most commonly diagnosed viral disease)
symptoms appear after 2 weeks-8 months after exposure
TransmissionSkin to skin contact, genital or anal contact, warts may appear around or in the mouth after oral sex
Testing/TreatmentTesting: Examination of warts Treatment: Antibiotics
complications Links between genital warts and cervical cancer in women. People with anal warts have a greater risk of anal cancer

Herpes Simplex

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Herpes Simplex symptomstingling and itching in genital area, clusters of tiny blisters that burst (painful for weeks), fever and headaches with first attacks
symptoms appearsymptoms may not appear for years
Transmissiondirect contact with open sores (vaginal/anal), oral sex can transmit the virus even if blisters aren’t visible on the carrier, mother to baby
Testing/treatmentTesting: blood test and examination of sores Treatment: no cure -Medication may lesson attacks
Complications-members of some virus family may cause fever blisters cold sores on mouth

Crabs (Pubic Lice)

Question Answer
symptomsitchy genital area
testing/treatmentTesting: visual inspection of itching area Treatment: lotions, creams, and shampoos
ComplicationsComplications: scratching can open skin and lead to infections

Scabies(Mite Infection)

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symptoms-mainly itching at night, rash in skin folds -caused by fungus parasite
testing/treatmentTesting: visual inspection, skin scraping Treatment: lotions, creams, and shampoos
ComplicationsScarring from scratching

Vaginitis (Trichomonas)

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symptoms-caused by fungus parasite -abnormal, smelly discharge
testing/treatmentTesting: Pelvic exam, penile swab Treatment:Medication, creams
complicationsongoing discomfort, scratching leads to discomfort


Question Answer
Depo Provera (f)99.7% effective (4 injections a year) -Does not protect against STI/HIVs -Can trigger irregular bleeding/some links to osteoporosis -Recommend start 4 years past first period
Norplant (f)-6 flexible rods in upper arm for 5 years -Hormones are released over time to prevent pregnancy -99.8% effective -long time, decreases risk of PID
Oral contraptions (f)-97% effective -don’t worry about the male to do anything -tricks body into thinking egg has come out -No STI protection -With smoking can + risk of clots/strokes -requires a strict routine, can’t miss a single dose
Female Barrier Methods:-Female Condom=80% -Vagina Sponge=74%-79% -Diaphragm=82%
IUD (Intrauterine-Device)(‘Copper T’)-98% effective, 99% effective with the new hormone-laced IUDs -can last 5 years once inserted -most-suitable for women who have had their children and want long-term birth-control Option -not the best choice for teens who have not had their children
Latex Condom (m)-88% effective without spermicide, 97% with spermicide -does not guarantee protection, but reduces risk -all youth need to know how to use it -protects against STI/HIV but not HPV/ genital warts
Sterilization(m/f)-99.6% effective -not an option for adolescents (they’ll regret it later) -a very good option for those who have completed their their family and want a permanent solution - doctors surgically tie off Fallopian tubes for female (tubal ligation) male's Vas deferens gets surgically tied off
Methods that don’t work (list 4)-natural (calendar) method; 20% effective -withdrawal (pulling out);unreliable, no STI protection -jumping up and down- force sperm out of vagina -sitting in a hot tub- “frying the sperm”