Health & Safety in the Salon

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sanitisation greatly reeduces the number of problem causing ?pathogens on a surface
cleaning with soaps,detergents and water will sanitise salon tools and surfacesreducing pathogens and by removing contamination like dust and debris
always wash you hands and your clients hands a mild clenser and anibacterial ger or wipe
disinifection kills all pathogens on a surface exluding the sporesonly kills on the hard serfice not allowed to be used on skin nail or hair
popular examples of disenfection areChlori spray and Barbicide
barbised used for cleaning tools
towels used doing manicure or pedicurewash towels in 60* or higher
glass and plastic need onlt to be cleanedwith soap and hot water the dried witth clean cloth
orange wood manicure sticks spatulas cotton wool lint free pads paper mask paper towel and parrafin waxconsidered as disposible items
only metal bins used in the salon
Abrasives should always be cleansed sanitised and disinfected with Chlori Spray between use
if a tehnician accidently abroads the clients skin and draws any fluid the abresive should always be disposed of

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food and drinks are not allowed to be in the salon because the dust and vapors settle on the food and are the ingested.
smoking is not allowed in the salon many procuts are highly volatile and flammable
smoking can also promote service breakdown like lifting or yellow

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