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if you have any suggestions or if i missed any notes, tell me
im not really focusing on the puberty and mental health stuff because i don't think those are hard to remember... just bullshit it its very easy



Question Answer
protein transports _____ and ______oxygen and nutrients
protein supplies body with _____tissue
protein is a _____ materialbuilding
protein is a source of ______ energy
proteins helps body ____ and _____grow and repair
protein has ___ different ____ acids22, amino
sources of food with proteinpoultry, cheese, eggs, rice, milk, beans, fish, nuts, meat,


Question Answer
fat provides ______energy
fat transports ____ ______ ______fat soluble vitamins
fat protects ______organs
sources of food with fatnuts, fish, meat, seeds


Question Answer
carbs produce ______ for _____energy for body
carbs are ______ for living organismsessential
what are the two types of carbohydrates?complex and simple
food with complex carbsveggies, grains, beans, pasta, fruit
food with simple carbssugar


Question Answer
how many known minerals?20
minerals are _____ substances that come from the _____ and _____inorganic, water and soil
minerals are absorbed by _____ and eaten by _____plants, animals
what does iron do?iron moves oxygen and nutrients
what does calcium do?builds bones and teeth
what does salt do?if we don't get enough of it we get weak
food with calciummilk, yogurt, cheese
food with ironplants like veggies
how much salt do you really need per day?1 teaspoon


Question Answer
what are the two types of vitamins?fat soluble (absorbed and transported by fat) and water soluble (absorbed and transported by water)
vitamins keep ____ healthyskin
vitamins boost the _____ ______immune system
vitamins protect from ___ ____ destructionred cell
vitamins transport _______nutrients
which vitamins are fat soluble?A, D, E, K
which vitamins are water soluble?C, B


Question Answer
water is obviously essential for ____life
water is vital to make the body _______function
water controls the ____ _______body temperature
how much of a person is water?2/3
how long can a person survive without water?3-4 days

Eating Habits

Question Answer
children grow at _____ ratesdifferent
there is no correct body _____ for a given _____ in childrenweight, height
what is the Body Mass Index (BMI)?a measure of a healthy weight range, which compares an adult's weight to their height
healthy eatingconsiders 'all the time foods', 'most of the time foods', and 'sometimes foods'
active livingexercise everyday
vitalityavailable amount of energy everyday
Ideal Bodyto be able to easily conduct your daily tasks and have energy left over in case of emergencies
define yoyo dietingthe repeated cycle of dieting and not dieting results in ever-increasing weight
define set pointthe stable weight range that a person's body tries to maintain
_______ are children's source of information and influence of eatingparents
different body shapes and sizes are determined by _______heredity
____ ________ influences children of all agespeer pressure
all humans an innate ability to ___ when hungry and ____ when fulleat, stop
overeating/undereating is the result of...people losing touch with cues that tell them to eat/stop


Question Answer
define self-esteemthe confidence and satisfaction a person has in one's self
a number of _______ ___________ add to feelings of self-esteempersonal characteristics
girls, more often than boys, are socialized to look for ______ from others as a means of defining ____ _______approval, self worth

More Nutrients


Question Answer
how many calories are in a pound of fat?3200
how much of total calories should saturated fats take up?not more than 10% of total calories per day
how much of total calories should unsaturated fats take up?not more than 30%
only ___% of your calories should come from fat30% (idk might be 40%)
what health effect does eating too much saturated fat lead to?heart disease
what does LDL stand for?low density lipoprotein
what does HDL stand for?high density lipoprotein
which is better for your health, LDL or HDL?HDL
what kind of fat has LDL?saturated fats
what kind of fat has HDL?unsaturated fats
where can you find saturated fats?butter, coconut oil, whole milk, cheese, fish oil, meat, peanut butter
where can you find unsaturated fats?avocado, soybean oil, canola oil, nuts
how long do saturated fats last?long lasting, does not spoil quickly
how long do unsaturated fats last?not long lasting, spoils quickly
what does LDL do to your veins?blocks them (increases blood pressure, can cause heart attack/stroke)
what does HDL do to your veins?can knock out fat from your veins, clearing them


Question Answer
1 gram of carbohydrates4 calories
1 gram of protein4 calories
1 gram of fat9 calories

Body is HANGRY

Question Answer
what are the seven ways our body tells us we're hungry when we aren'ttime of day, sight, variety, smell, alcohol, temperature, refined carbs
time of dayour bodies are conditioned to follow a routine of eating habits that we maintain (hungry at noon because that's when lunch always is)
sightthe body anticipates when food will enter the system when people look at foods they like
varietypeople "make room" for dessert because the desire for sweet stuff isn't satisfied (even when full)
smellsmell is a cue for our bodies to anticipate food, so we think we're hungry
alcoholtoo much alcohol can impair judgement, causing people to eat more
temperaturethe colder the temperature, the most people tend to eat
refined carbsafter a meal in refined carbs (example - white pasta), the body may crave food again very soon because these foods make blood sugar drop, and low blood sugar = more interest in food