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What are three things that active listeners do?The three things that active listeners do are encourage the speaker with nonverbal cues such as facial expressions, gestures, and verbalizations. They will also check for understanding by asking questions.They also restate in their own words what the speaker said. Lastly, they will "reflect back" the speaker's feelings.
What is the purpose of an "I" message and the three parts of it?. "I" messages are a way of saying how you feel without attacking or blaming. They help to reduce the tension in arguments and help facilitate constructive dialogue and problem-solving.´╗┐The first part is the "I feel..." Tell the other person how you feel. Follow "I feel" with a word. The next is "when you..." Tell the other person what caused the feeling. Lastly, there is the "I want..." You have to tell the other person what you want to happen. There is also a fourth option you can use though but it must be used with caution. It is the "because" statement.
What is a win-win situation?They are resolutions of conflicts in which the needs of all parties are satisfied. They stand in contrast to win-lose resolutions, in which a conflict is seen as a zero-sum game where one party's gain is another's loss.
What are the four steps of collaborative negotiation?The first is to pick a good time and place to talk. The next is to just talk it out. Also, you might want to brainstorm for solutions. Lastly, you should choose a solution but it should be a win-win situation.