Health Project

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Skills For Building Health


1. List three things that active listeners do .
The three things active listeners do is encourage the speaker with making facial expressions, being verbal and gestures.
2. What is the purpose of an "I" message?
It is a nicer way to tell people how you are feeling without hurting a person a lot. This type of message is suppose to resolve the conflict.
3.What are the three basic parts of an "I" message?
The three basic parts are the "I feel..." is to express your feelings. The second one is "When you..." to tell what caused the feeling. The third one is "I want" to say what you want to happen.
4. What is the optional fourth part of an "I" message and why should it be used with caution?
The fourth is "because" and should be used with caution. This term can be easy to add blame to your statement on the person.
5. What is a win win situation?
A win win situations are when both sides of the conflict get what they want. It's where nobody loses anything and both parties are satisfied.
6. What are the four steps of collaborative negotiation?
The first step is to pick a good time and a place to talk. This means wait until you both have cooled down so you can talk. The second step is to talk it out and hear what both people have to say. Then third step is to brainstorm a solution so you can resolve the conflict. The last step is the fourth step is choosing a solution to pick one that they can both agree on.