Health Legislations passed in India

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The Quarantine Act1870
The Vaccination Act1880
The Child Marriage Restraint (SARDA) Act1929
The Employees State Insurance Act(ESI)1948 (ESI)
The Factories Act1948 (FA)
The Prevention Of Food Adulteration Act (PFA)1954
The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act1956 (ITPA)
The Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct & Ethics) Act1956 (IMCA)
The Dowry Prohibition Act1961 (DPA)
The Maternity Benefit Act1961 (MBA)
The Registration of Births & Deaths Act1969
The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act(MTP)1971
The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act1985
The Consumer Protection Act (COPRA)1986 (COPRA)
The Environmental Protection Act (EPA)1986 (EPA)
The Mental Health Act1987
The Infant Milk Substitutes,Feeding Bottles & Infant Food (Regulation of production,supply and distribution) Act1992
The Protection of Human Rights Act1993
The Pre-conception & Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques(Prohibition of Sex Selection)[PNDT] Act1994
The Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules1998
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)2005 (NREGA)
The Protection Of Women from Domestic Violence Act2005 (POWFDVA)
The Right To Information Act2005
Transplantation of Human Organs Act1994
Transplantation of Human Organs Act Ammendment2011
The Drug And Cosmetics Act1940
Drug (Ammendment) Act to include Ayurvedic & Unani medicines1964
Drug and Cosmetic Rules classifying Drugs in Schedules,According to which Schedule H & L Drugs are sold on prescription of RMP only1945