Headache Medications Study Guide

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Cluster: How often do they occur?Up to 8 times a day
Cluster: what are symptoms?Tearing on affected side, Ptosis (drooping eyelid) of the ipsilateral eye, and stuffy nose
Tension headache feels like?Feels like a band getting tighter on your head
Migraine: What does it stimulate?Trigeminovascular system
Migraine: What are symptoms?Unilateral throbbing, worsened by movement, moderate or severe and nausea, vomiting with photophobia or phonophobia
Migraine: What can they cause?Numbness and tingling, speech problems
Combination medications for headachesAcetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine
Caffeine increasescapillary permeability/ vasoconstriction
What are the adverse effects of caffeine?Insomnia, tachycardia, hypertension
DiabetesDecrease blood flow
ProphylaxisBECA/ Beta blockers/ Estrogen/ Calcium-channel blockers/ Anticonvulsants/ Antidepressants


Question Answer
What kind of medicine is it?Abortive
How does it work?Stimulates 5 HT 1B/1D receptors
Contraindicated in patients with?CV disease, HTN, smokers( Causes vasoconstriction), Patients with history of seizures (can cause seizures)
Adverse effects?Coronary spasm, angina
Taking drug during pregnancy?Benefits outweighing risk (BOR)
Drug interactionsSSRIs/ MAOIs


Question Answer
How does it work?stimulates smooth muscle and peripheral vascular smooth muscle
What pregnancy category?X because it stimulates uterus and cause contractions
Overdose leads to?Ergotism (muscle spasms, weakness, tingling then extremities go cold)
Onset is?2 hours/ Lasts 24 hours
Causes what in the womb?Fetal growth retardation
Black box warning?CYP3A4 medications

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