Head and Skull - 5

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Question Answer
What structures of the viscerocranium undergo endochondral ossification?Meckel's cartilage, Reichert's cartilage, Third arch and fourth.
What structures of the viscerocranium undergo intramembranous ossification?Maxilla, nasal, lacrimal, comer, zygomatic, sphenoid, mandible and temporal bones.
Define fontanelleAreas where more than two bones meet and sutures are wide.
When do the anterior and posterior fontanelle close?Anterior - around 18 months, posterior - around 1-2 months
What may a bulging fontanelle indicate?Increased pressure in the brain.
What may a sunken fontanelle indicate?Dehydration
Define microcephalyWhere these is a small cranium, whereby there is no premature suture fusion and the brain and skull fail to grow.
Define acraniaWhere a cranial vault is absent which results in a large spinal defect, due to failure of neural tube closure at week 4.
Define craniosynotosis Premature suture fusion
When does normal suture fusion occur?Between 2 to 4.