Head and Skull - 2

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What prominences fuse in week 6?Medial nasal, lateral nasal and maxillary.
How do the nasolacrimal duct and the lacrimal sac form?The ecotderm on the floor of the nasolacrimal groove forms a solid epithelial cord and canalises.
Which prominence forms the bridge of the nose?Frontal
Which prominence forms the crest and tip?Medial nasal prominences
Which prominences forms the alae?Lateral
What does the maxillary prominence form?Cheeks, lateral portion of lip
What does the mandibular prominence form?Lower lip

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Give 2 common craniofacial abnormalities?Cleft lip and cleft palate
Give two less common craniofacial abnormalites Facial clefting and bifid nose.
What does the paraxial mesoderm form?Somitomeres and somites.
The sclerotome is formed from what? and what does it go on to form?It is formed from the somitomeres and somites and goes on to form the vertebrae, ribs and bones of the skull.
The NCCs form what?The bones of the face and skull
The parietal layer of the lateral plate mesoderm form what?The pelvic and shoulder girdles, limbs and sternum

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