Head and Neck Muscles

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Section 1

Question Answer
origin of sternocleidomastoid(Medial) clavicle + (superior, lateral) sternum
insertion of sternocleidomastoidMastoid process of temporal bone
action of sternocleidomastoid1=contracts to bend head to side 2=head flex at neck “to look down”
origin of trapeziusOccipital bone (external surface)
insertion of trapeziusClavical (lateral 1/3) + scapula (parts)
action of trapezius“lift up shoulders” Lift clavicle+ scapula

Section 2

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origin of masseterSuperficial head: ant. 2/3 of zygomatic arch Deep head: post. 1/3 + entire medial surface of zygomatic arch
insertion of masseterSuperficial: lateral/outside surface of angle of mandible Deep: ramus
action of masseterElevates mandible “closes jaw”
origin of temporalisTemporal fossa
insertion of temporalisCoronoid process
action of temporalisElevates “closes” mandible Posterior portion: moves mandible backward
origin of medial pterygoidPterygoid fossa of medial pterygoid plate
insertion of medial pterygoidMedial of angle of mandible
action of medial pterygoidElevates “closes” mandible
origin of lateral pterygoidSuperior head: infratemporal inferior surface + crest of greater wing Inferior head: lateral surface of ptygoid plate
insertion of lateral pterygoidAnterior surface of neck of mandibular condyle
action of lateral pterygoidDepresses “opens” mandible Both=protrudes One= lateral deviation

Section 3

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origin of Epicranial (frontal belly)Epicranial aponeurosis
insertion of Epicranial (frontal belly)Skin of eyebrows + root of nose
action of Epicranial (frontal belly)Raise eyebrows and scalp
origin of Epicranial (occipital belly)Occipital bone + mastoid process of temporal
insertion of Epicranial (occipital belly)Epicranial aponeurosis
action of Epicranial (occipital belly)Raise eyebrows and scalp

Section 4

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origin of Orbicularis oculiOrbital rim, frontal/ maxillary bones
insertion of Orbicularis oculiLateral region of eye
action of Orbicularis oculiCloses eyelid
origin of Corrugator superciliiFrontal bone in supraorbital region
insertion of Corrugator superciliieyebrow
action Corrugator superciliiFrowning in glabella area

Section 5

Question Answer
origin of Orbicularis orisEncircles mouth
insertion of Orbicularis orisAngle of mouth + philtrum
action of Orbicularis orisClose/purse lips, kissing
origin of buccinatorAlveolar process of max/mand + pterygomandibular fold
insertion of buccinatorAngle of mouth
action of buccinatorPulls angles of mouth laterally, causes food to be pushed back, infant sucking, compresses cheeks
origin of risoriusFascia superficial to masseter muscle
insertion of risoriusAngle of mouth
action of risoriusStretching lips
origin of Levator labii superiorisInfraorbital rim of maxilla
insertion of Levator labii superiorisSkin of upper lip
action of Levator labii superiorisElevate upper lip
origin of Levator labii superioris alaeque nasiFrontal process of maxilla
insertion of Levator labii superioris alaeque nasiUpper lip + skin of ala of nose
action of Levator labii superioris alaeque nasiElevate upper lip + dilate nostrils
origin of Zygomaticus majorZyg. Bones lateral to zyg. minor
insertion of Zygomaticus majorSkin of angle of mouth
action of Zygomaticus majorsmiling
origin of Zygomaticus minorBody of zyg. bone
insertion of Zygomaticus minorSkin of upper lip
action of Zygomaticus minorElevate upper lip, assist in smiling
origin of Levator anguli orisCanine em. +fossa of maxilla
insertion of Levator anguli orisAngle of mouth
action of Levator anguli orisElevates angle of mouth
origin of Depressor anguli orisLower border of mand.
insertion of Depressor anguli orisAngle of mouth
action of Depressor anguli orisfrown
origin of Depressor labii inferiorisLower border of mandible
insertion of Depressor labii inferiorisSkin lower lip
action of Depressor labii inferiorisDepress lower lip
origin of mentalisMandible midline
insertion of mentalisSkin of chin
action of mentalisRaises chin, protrudes lower lip, narrow oral vestibule
origin of platysmaSkin superficial to clavicle + shoulder
insertion of platysmaLower border of mandible + surrounding mouth
action of platysmaRaise skin of neck to form vert., horz., ridges + depressions, can pull down corners of mouth

Section 6

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origin of Digastric (anterior)Tendon loosely attached to body and greater comu of hyoid bone (intermediate tendon)
insertion of Digastric (anterior)Symphasis on inner surface of mandible
origin of Digastric (posterior)Mastoid notch medial to mastoid process
insertion of Digastric (posterior)Intermediate tendon
origin of mylohyoidMylohyoid line on inner surface of mandible
insertion of mylohyoidBody of hyoid
action of mylohyoidElevate hyoid bone, depress mand., elevate tongue, form floor of mouth
origin of geniohyoidMedial surface of mand. Near genial tubercles
insertion of geniohyoidBody of hyoid
action of geniohyoidElevate hyoid bone
origin of stylohyoidStyloid process
insertion of stylohyoidHyoid bone
action of stylohyoidElevate hyoid bone

Section 7

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origin of sternohyoidPost/superior sternum
insertion of sternohyoidBody of hyoid
action of sternohyoidDepress hyoid
origin of sternothyroidPost. Sternum, deep/medial to sternohyoid
insertion of sternothyroidThyroid cartilage
action of sternothyroidDepress thyroid cart
origin of thyrohyoidThroid cartilage
insertion of thyrohyoidBody + greater cornu of hyoid bone
action of thyrohyoidDepress hyoid, raise thyroid + larynx
origin of omohyoidSuperior: short tendon attached to inferior belly Inferior: scapula
insertion of omohyoidSuperior: lateral border of hyoid Inferior:superior belly by tendon
action of omohyoidDepress hyoid

Section 8

Question Answer
origin of Superior longitudinalInside tongue
insertion of Superior longitudinalInside tongue
action of Superior longitudinalChange shape and curl tongue
origin of transverseInside tongue
insertion of transverseInside tongue
action of transverseMake tongue long and narrow
origin of verticalInside tongue
insertion of verticalInside tongue
action of verticalMake tongue long and narrow
origin of Inferior longitudinalInside tongue
insertion of Inferior longitudinalInside tongue
action of Inferior longitudinalChange shape and curl tongue

Section 9

Question Answer
origin of genioglossusGenial tubercles
insertion of genioglossusInside tongue Base to apex
action of genioglossusProtrude and depress tongue
origin of styloglossusStyloid process
insertion of styloglossusInside tongue lateral
action of styloglossusRetracts tongue
origin of hyoglossushyoid
insertion of hyoglossusInside tongue lateral
action of hyoglossusDepress tongue

Section 10

Question Answer
origin of stylopharyngeusStyloid process
insertion of stylopharyngeusLateral and posterior pharyngeal walls
action of stylopharyngeusElevates and widens pharynx

Section 11

Question Answer
origin of Superior PCMPterygoid Hamulus, mandible, pterygoid raphe
insertion of Superior PCMMedian pharyngeal raphe
action of Superior PCMRaise pharynx
origin of Middle PCMHyoid + styloid ligament
insertion of Middle PCMMedian pharyngeal raphe
action of Middle PCMRaise pharynx
origin of Inferior PCMThyroid + cricoid cartilage of larynx
insertion of Inferior PCMMedian pharyngeal raphe
action of Inferior PCMRaise pharynx, push food in

Section 12

Question Answer
origin of palatoglossusMedial palatine raphe
insertion of palatoglossusLateral surface of tongue
origin of palatopharyngeousSoft Palate
insertion of palatopharyngeousWalls of laryngo pharynx
origin of Levator veli palatineInferior surface of temp. bone
insertion of Levator veli palatineMedian palatne raphe
action of Levator veli palatineRaises soft palate
origin of Tensor veli palatineAuditory tube area/ inferior of sphenoid
insertion of Tensor veli palatineMedian palatine raphe
action of Tensor veli palatineTenses and lowers soft palate
origin of uvulauvula
insertion of uvulauvula
action of uvulaClose off nasopharynx during swallowing