Head and Neck Muscles

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Section 1

Question Answer
origin of frontalissuperficial fascia of eyebrows
insertion of frontaliscranial aponeurosis
action of frontalisraise eyebrows
origin of orbicularis oculifrontal bone and maxilla
insertion of orbicularis oculi tissue around eyes
action of orbicularis oculiblinks and closes eye
origin of orbicularis orismandible and maxilla
insertion of orbicularis oris skin and muscle around mouth
action of orbicularis oriscloses and proturdes lips

Section 2

Question Answer
origin of temporalistemporal bone
insertion of temporalis mandible
action of temporaliscloses jaw
origin of zygomaticuszygomatic bone
insertion of zygomaticus skin and muscle at corner of lips
action of zygomaticusraises corner of mouth

Section 3

Question Answer
origin of massetertemporal bone
insertion of masseter mandible
action of massetercloses jaw
origin of buccinator maxilla and mandible near molars
insertion of buccinatororbicularis oris
action of buccinatorcompresses cheek (as in sucking)

Section 4

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origin of sternocleidomastoidsternum and clivicle
insertion of sternocleidomastoidtemporal bone (mastoid process)
action of sternocleidomsatoidflexes neck, laterally rotates head
origin of platysmaconnective tissue covering of superior chest muscles
insertion of platysmatissue around mouth
action of platysmatenses skin of neck, pulls corners of mouth down