Head and Neck Local Reconstruction

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Question Answer
Lower lid Posterior lamella reconstruction options (2)Graft or Hughes transconjunctival flap
Lower lid 100% both lamella reconstruction optionsUpper lid cutler-beard flap or need to reconstruct each lamella independently
Direct closure of lower eyelid possible with what % defect?20%
Grafts for conjunctival reconstruction?Buccal or nasal (nasal contracts less)
2mm eyelid ptosis with 12-15mm levator function, procedure?Fasnella- Servat (removing a block of tissue from the underside of the lid. This tissue includes the tarsus, conjunctiva, and Müller muscle)
2mm ptosis, 5-12mm levator functionMuller muscle resection(also perform if ptosis has good response to phenylephrine)
3mm ptosis, 5-7mm levator functionLevator advancement
4mm ptosis, 2-4mm levator functionfrontalis sling needed
Inverted V deformity caused byExcessive resection of the upper lateral cartilages
Normal levator excursion12-16mm