Head and Neck Anatomy and Embryology

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Question Answer
Parasympathetic to the ParotidGlossopharyngeal Nerve but fibers carried in the auriculotemporal nerve
Parasympathetic to the Lacrimal GlandFacial Nerve
Nerve for 1st Brachial ArchTrigeminal Nerve
Nerve for 2nd Brachial ArchFacial Nerve
Nerve for 3rd Brachial ArchGlossopharyngeal Nerve
Nerve for 4th Brachial ArchVagus Nerve
Nerve for 6th Brachial ArchVagus Nerve (Recurrent Laryngeal)
Digastric Muscle from What Arch?Anterior belly from 1st and posterior belly from 2nd
Frankfort's horizontal lineLine from porion to orbitale
Most cleft and pouch abnormalities are from which one?The 2nd
Innervation of the lobuleGreat Auricular Nerve
Most hair follicles are in what phase?Anagen (Growing phase)
Hairs are lost in what phase?Telogen (Dormant phase)
Facial nerve innervation of inner orbicularis vs outer orbicularisbuccal branch controls inner (blink, lower eyelid tone, lacrimal pumping), Zygo branch controls outer (squinting, voluntary closure)
Location of desired peak of upper eyelidmid-pupil
Supernumery teeth is common in... (3)males, maxilla, and permanent teeth
Muscles innervated by V3Mylohyoid, tensor veli palatini, tensor tympani, digastric anteiror, 4 muscle of mastication

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