Hazards and disasters Subtopics Geography IB

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Section 1

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Characteristics and distribution of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, droughtearthquakes and volcanoes occur along plate boundaries
Why people live in hazardous areasBecause of land hortage
Vulnerability in relation to demographic and socio-economic factorsmore population=less resources
Discuss preparation and ability to deal with a hazard eventprevention is better than cure
Explain reasons for some sectors of a population being more vulnerablethey are not rich

Section 2

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Relationship between risk of a hazard and probability of a hazard event occuring?
Why individuals and communities underestimate probability of hazard event?
Factors that determine an individuals perception of risk from hazard?
Methods used to predict probability of a hazard event and its potential impact (two examples)?

Section 3

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Distinguish between hazard event and disaster?
Methods used to measure the spatial extent and intensity of a disaster?
Explain causes and impacts of a disaster resulting from a natural hazard event (example)?
Explain causes and impacts of a human-induced hazard event or disaster (example)?
Examine how impacts and intensity of disasters vary in space and change over time?

Section 4

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DIscusss risk assesment before adjustment or response of hazard?
Describe the reduction of vulnerability by spreading the risk (aid, insurance) and by zoning ?
Stratergies to limit damage from potential hazard events and disasters?
Range of responses during and after hazard event or disaster - national and international (example)?
Distinguish between rescue, rehabilitation and reconstruction responses?
Factors that affect choice of adjustments before and response to hazard or disaster?
Importance of re-assessing risk and re-examining vulnerability after a major hazard event or disaster?

Section 5