Hazard and Disaster (P1)

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Question Answer
Mantle Convection currentsGenerate in the asthenosphere and push the plates in different directions.
Constructive plate boundariesWhere plates are moving away from each other
Convergent boundaries Destructive plate margins where two plates converge
Transform fault Special type of strike-slip fault commonly found along the conservative plate boundary.
HazardA threat (whether natural or human) that has the potential to cause loss of life, injury, property damage, socio‑economic disruption or environmental degradation
DisasterA major hazard event that causes widespread disruption to a community or region that the affected community is unable to deal with adequately without outside help
Hazard eventThe occurrence (realization) of a hazard, the effects of which change demographic, economic and/or environmental conditions.
RiskThe probability of a hazard event causing harmful consequences (expected losses in terms of deaths, injuries, property damage, economy and environment).
VulnerabilityThe susceptibility of a community to a hazard or to the impacts of a hazard event