Haynes Vocab 7-9

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Unit 7

Question Answer
addressto speak to;to direct one's attention to
apocalypsea prophetic revelation, especially one concerning the end of the world
benefactorone who provides help (gift or donation)
circumscribeto draw a line around; to set limits of something; to restrict
convivialfond of partying; festive (host)
metamorphosisa change in form/sudden change
parochialnarrowed or confined in point of view (small minded)
preeminentbetter than someone else; outstanding; supreme
Renaissancea rebirth or revival
soporificsleep induced; boring; unexciting (key word: "sleep")
dialeticalrelating to discussions; to the rules/methods of reasoning
forbearto restrain from
impotentpowerless l/helpless
juxtaposeto place side by side

Unit 8

Question Answer
adulationwild or excessive admiration; flattery; worship
appreciateto increase in value; escalate (numbers!!)
bereaveddeprived or left desolate(sad) especially through death; mournful
clemencymercy; forgiveness; mildness; reprieve (person in power to lower power)
Cosmopolitanat home in many places or situations; internationally sophisticated; worldly (ex: NYC is a * city, you can hear nearly every language spoke there)
dilettantesomeone with superficial knowledge of the arts (amateur)
espouseto support/advocate for someone/something ("cause")
founderto fail/collapse/sink (ex. grade * or titanic *)
incantationthe repetition of statements of phrase in a way reminiscent of a chant (recitation)
lamentto mourn/grieve
misanthropichating mankind
patentobvious (lie or truth)
prerogativea right/privilege connected with a position, a person, a social class, a nation, or some other group or classification (make a choice)
replenishto fill again/resupply/restore
sporadicstopping/starting occurring in bursts everyone once in a while/occasional

Unit 9

Question Answer
affableeasy to talk to; friendly (welcoming or easygoing)
aptitudea capacity for learning/natural ability
blighta disease in plants; anything that injured or destroys something (ex1. the frost was a * on the tomato plants) (ex2. slavery was a * on the us history)
coerceto force someone to do or not to do something; to pressure (someone)
covertsecret; hidden; private
discriminateto notice/point out the difference between 2 or more things; to differentiate
exacerbateto make worse (aggravate)
futileuseless; hopeless; pointless
incisiveintelligently analytical and clear thinking (perceptive)
latentpresent but not visible or apparent; undiscovered *not objects* (ex. when she started art she discovered she has a * talent for painting)
moribunddying; terminal
patricianan aristocrat; a person of noble birth
prodigiousextraordinary; enormous
reproachto scold, usually in disappointment; to blame
stagnationmotionlessness; inactivity

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