Hawaii Facts

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HNLHonolulu, Oahu
ITOHilo, Hawaii
OGGKahului, Maui
LIHLihue, Kauai
KOAKona, Hawaii
How many islands attract visitors?6
Which island is the most visited island?Oahu
What is the famous beach in Oahu?Waikiki Beach
What are three attractions in Oahu?Hanauma Bay [snorkeling], North Shore [surfing], Waikiki Beach
What type of transportation is recommended?Car rental
Where is the best place to surf?North Shore
Hanauma Bay is best for what activity? Scuba diving and snorkeling
King Kamehameha sits in front of what landmark?Iolani Palace
What is the name of the battleship that sunk in Pearl Harbor aka floating memorial?USS Arizona
Where can I learn more about the Pacific Island culture in Iuau?The Polynesian Cultural Center
What are three attractions in Maui?Maui Ocean Center, Pools of Oheo, Molokini
What are the Pools of Oheo?7 sacred waterfalls that are connected to each other
What are three attractions on the island of Kauai?Fern Grotto, Poipu Beach, Waimea Canyon
True or false; Kauai is the most lush and tropical?True

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