Hatain Midterm

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Key Figures

Question Answer
DeschampsBetrayed the english
Victor HughesMinister of Guadeloupe
Vincent OgeMulatto revolt
Durry Boukmanvoodoo priest incited revolt of 1791
SonthonaxCivil comissioner
ToussaintIn charge 97-1801
Andre RigaudDefeated in 1799, controlled the south
Moise revolt3 and half months before Leclerc arrives
Charles LeclercNapoleons brother in law
RochambaeuLeclerc's successor
DessalinesPrefered Napoleons style of rule
CristopheAutocratic state in the north
Charles X5 instalments of 30M + 50% reduction on all french imports
Louis PhilippeReduced indemnity to 90M with 30 years to pay


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Treaty of RatisbonFrench and Spanish cooperation against pirates
Treaty of RyswickSpain ceded western three-eighths
Peace of AmiensTemporary truce with brittain
LouisianaPurchased by France from Spain
Indemnity to FranceAccepted by Boyer


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Code NoirGranted some rights to slaves
Emancipation decree1794
Constitution Yr 3explicit ban on slavery
Constitution Yr 8Napoleon as 1st consul
Constitution of 1804 1Freedom of religion
Constitution of 1804 2All citizens to be known as black
Constitution of 1804 3White men forbidden to hold property
Cristophe's land division$. state, welfare, lease, cultivators
Rural code 1826Push for agricultural system


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While Toussaint was fighting the BritishDirectory overthrown
Northern SlavesStaged a revolt
SonthonaxGranted emancipation to the slaves
EmancipationDid not define citizenship or get rid of colonialism
When Emancipation was grantedToussaint joined the republicans
Who armed the SlavesSonthonax
Dessalines, Christophe & ToussaintDrove out the British
Militarized agricultureUnder Toussaint
Leclerc(1802) commanded 40,000 troops
Dessaline, Christophe & PetionEnd French involvement
Declared himself Emperor Jaques IDessalines
Dessalines regimeSemi serfdom
Christophe and Petiondivide the north and South
Declared himself King Henry ICristophe

Christophe, Petion & Boyer

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Neo FeudalisticCristophe's agriculture
Committed suicideChristophe
President for lifePetion
Broke up estates into smaller land holdingsPetion's agriculture
Maroon peasantryresistant to regime - subsistance
BoyerFails to reinstitute large scale agriculture

actual midterm

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Charles Riviere-HerardLiberal révolté 1843
Jean-Baptiste PerierGoman
Louis Jean-Jacques AcaauPiquet rebellion