Harmonic Function Vocabulary

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tonic functionwhen two notes are played successively that is a melodic interval; two notes played simultaneously is a harmonic interval
dominant functioncreates instability that requires the tonic to release the tension and resolve the cadence
pre-dominant functionany chord that leads to a dominant chord such as the supertonic, subdominant, submediant, secondary dominant, minor six chord, and diminished seventh chord
cadential 6-4usually a 1 6-4 that is a part of a cadence, commonly goes to V7
arpeggiating 6-4a broken chord in the second inversion
neighboring/pedal 6-4when a third and a fifth of a chord are followed by their upper neighbors, while the bass stays on the chord tone that is the root of the first chord and the fifth of the neighboring chord

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deceptive progressionwhen a listener expects the music to move in a certain harmonic direction, but the music strays from what is expected
neighboring/pedal chordsoccur when the bass remains the same while the other notes move to neighbor notes and back
retrogression when chords move in a manner that is opposite of a typical progression
harmonic rhythm/rate of harmonic changerhythmic pattern provided by the changes in harmony

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