Hands & UE injuries & splints.

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ulnar nerve injuryprevent MP increase /, dynamic / static splint to position MPs in flexion.
combined median and ulnarfigure of eight, dynamic MCP / splint.
pronator teres syndromeelbow splint 90 degrees with forearm in neutral.
flaccidity resting pan.
arthritisresting pan, functional, or safe splint (depending on stage)
swan neck deformitysilver rings or buttonhole splint (hyperext of PIP)
carpal tunnel syndromewrist in neutral (0 deg best) with wrist postured at 2 degrees of flexion and 3 degrees of ulnar deviation.
guyon's canalwrist splint in neutral
mallet finger deformityDIP / splint
Erb's palsyelbow lock splint
sho dislocation AVOIDcombined aBduction and ER with ant. dislocation.
brachial plexus injuryflail arm splint
ulner nerve palsy evaluation+ froment's sign (thumb lateral pinch), adduct the small finger with the palm on table & fingers abducted (watenberg's sign).
MCP ulnar deviation supportsused with RA to support the MPs of index, middle, and small fingers.
radial nerve palsywrist drop; dynamic wrist, finger and thumb / splint.


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CRPSTENS primarily focus on the decrease of pain and edema, contrast bath, AROM, cold packs, retrograde massage, coban wraps, desensitization, stress loading, splinting to prevent contractures and enable ability to engage in leisure/productive activities.
CRPS contraindicationsPROM, passive stretching, joint mob, dynamic splinting, and casting.
hard end feelserial casting or static progressive splinting
carpal tunnel syndrome conservative txwrist cockup splint, splinting with wrist in neutral at night to minimize pressure in the carpal tunnel, median nerve glides, differential flexor tendon gliding, postural training.
a complete tendon ruptureresults in muscle weakness but is painless.
cubital tunnel syndromeulnar nerve glding
skier's thumb (gamekeeper's thumb)conservative tx including a thumb splint for 4-6 weeks. AROM and pinch strengthening at 6 weeks. focus on ADL that require opposition and pinch strength. postop tx including a thumb splint for 6 weeks followed by AROM. PROM can begin at 8 weeks and strengthening at 10 weeks.
a partial tearresults in muscle weakness and pain.
a hand-based or forearm-based outrigger splint for PIP extensionfor PIP flexion contracture is greater than 35 degrees and this splint can be fabricated to apply force at 90 degrees to the joint.
PIP collateral ligament sprainretrograde massage, edema control joint protection, ROM.
CMC arthritishand-based thumb splint
skier's thumb(UCL) hand-based thumb splint
flexor tendon injurykleinart or duran dorsal protection splint
radial nerve injury evaluationhave the patient to / the wrist and fingers.
Minnesota rate of manipulation testmeasures manual dexterity
dupuytren's/ splint.


Question Answer
to test median nerveoppose the thumb to the fingers and flex the fingers
median nerve splintsplints that position thumb in palmar abduction and slight opposition to increase functional use of hand.
colle's fracturelong arm cast with elbow flexted to 90 degrees to prevent forearm rotation for 3 weeks, then placed in a short arm cast, and AROM for elbow flexion can begin. DO NOT PERFORM PROM WITHOUT MEDICAL CLEARANCE.
TENSused for pain relief.
box and block testmeasures gross manual dexterity
median nerve lacerationEMS to prevent atrophy of thenar muscles. instruct compensatory techniques to avoid reinjury while sensation is IMP and perform PROM to maintain joint stability.
clawing of index and middle fingerspresents for low median nerve, + benediction's sign.
iontophoresisused to deliver medication into tissues.
NMESrequires an intact nerve
Ape handsecondary to distal median nerve presenting as flattening of thenar eminence.
claw handulnar nerve. flattened metacarpal arch, + froment's sign.
serial static splintused to correct extension contracture deformities, nighttime used - to change ROM. ie: a cylindrical cast made for gaining PIP / must be premade after a time (usually 1-3 days) to reposition the joint at the end of its ROM.
CRPSbegin TENs, AROM, light functional activities as tol by patient.
CRPS AVOIDPROM, passive stretching, joint mob, dynamic splint and cast
plaster castingshould be changed every 2-7 days.
carpal tunnel syndrome evalcervical testing, eval posture, ROM, grip, pinch, MMT, sensation testing. tapping at volar wrist, phalen's test with wrist flexed and elbow extended (to avoid confusion with cubital)

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