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Best surgery to return sensation and bulk to a finger that healed secondarilyToe pulp
Which joint tends to have poor results after fasciotomy for duputryen's?PIP joint
Indications for surgery for duputryen'sMCP contracture of 30 degrees or any PIP contracture
Ulnar cord in duputryen's contracture arises from what?ADM
Not involved in duputryen'sCleland's
Osteochondroma treatmentSurgery, there is NO role for chemo or radiation
Pathologic fracture next to enchondroma, initial management?Fixate the fracture. After it is healed you can curettage and bone graft the enchondroma
Raynaud's Phenomenon, where to inject botox?10U of botox peri-vascularly in the palm
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome anesthetic block locationStellate Ganglion
FGFLimb outgrowth
SHHRadio-ulnar formation of limb bud
SHH effect with BMPapoptosis of interdigital tissue
Wingless type geneDorsalization of hand
Engrailed-1Blocks Wingless gene on ventral hand
Limiting structure in syndactyly releaseArtery

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