Hand Quiz

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Question Answer
ROM assessment equipmentgoniometer
Edema assess equipmentvolumter, Jeweler's ring size
Strenght assess equipmentDynamometer (grip); Tensiometer (pinch), MMT
soft tissue assessment done by whonot by OTA
sensibility assessmentmapping/monofilament
sympathetic function testswrinkle test and Ninhydrin test (sweat)
Nerve compression and nerve regeneration testsTinel's (tapping nerve) and Phalens test (full flexion wrist for 1 min)
Vibration testsTuning fork (tell where they felt it)
Touch pressure testmoving touch, two pont, and moving two point discrimination
Modified Moberg Pick-up testTest tactile agnosia
Functional Evaluation dexterity testscrawford small parts, beneet hand tool, minnesota manual dex, purdue pegboard

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Edema reductionpits when pressured, contrast baths, massage, pressure wraps, PAMS, AROM
Scar reductionpressure wraps, splinting, massage
Sensory reeducation hyper/hypohypo
sensory desensitzation hyper/hypohyper
strength improvment exercise equip, weight well, theraband
hand strengthening equipmentspring loaded grippers, therap-putty, clothespin
functional activites and occupations should start when?ASAP
Amputationswound care, desensitization, ROM< Coping, Main Scar mgt
Flexor tendon injuries need to review what?zones
no mans landzone 2
tech 1early active ROM; dorsal hod splint
tech 2contorlled PROM; NO ACTIVE
tech 3Immobilization for 3.5 weeks; low cognition; no constant results
Post acute flex rehabtendon gliding, minimize scar, Edema mgt

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extensor tendon biggest issuescarring
extensors located onback of hand
radial nerve test ask pt to extend wrist/digits
extensors and supinatorsperipheral nerve injuries
wrist dropradial
median nerve test ask pt to oppose thumb to digits
median nerve affectsflexors of forearm/hand
ulnar nerve test..ask pt to pinch thumb and the IF
ulnar nerve affects FCU, FDP, and intrisnic muscles
claw handulnar nerve; pope blessing
after nerve repair treatment focuses onsplinting, frequent evaluations, exercises, PAMS

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inside joint fractureintraarticular fractures
disal radius facture (most common)colle's fracture
fracture of 2/3 MC headboxer fracture
prolonged immobilization required as this heals slower than long (2nd most common)scaphoid
1st and 2nd most common fracturecolles, scaphoid
fracture immobilized 3-5 week treatmtentedema, mobilization or noninjuries, activites to use UE
treatment after immobilizationEdema ctrl, ROM, splinting, PAMS, joint mobilization, occuapations
complex regional pain symdrome is also calledreflex sympathetic dystrophy
reflex sympathetic dystorphy is a mulit-symptom pain caused by sympathetic NS
symptoms of reflex sympathetic dystrophypain, blotchy, shiny skin, cool hand, excessive dry/sweat
treatment of RSD/CRPSmeds, edema ctrl, biofeedback (relax), splint, desensitization

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abnromal thickening of fascia that limits movement of 1+ fingerdupuytrens
dupuytrens is most common inmed 30-50
complications of dupuytrensscar, nerve damage, infection, bleeding, finger loss (rare)
OT treatment for dupuytrensscar mgt, pain mgt, and mobilization
edema measure volumeat diff times of day
open wound and edema measure usingtape measure
dynamometer grip make accurate3 trials and use average
pt has limited ROM facilitate component byapplying joint distraction techniques (after service competency)
manipulating small objects and hypersensitivetell them that its possible for sign of nerve growth
persistent edemaelevate hand above heart
Teaching family member about edemaalternate cold/hot water soaks
working with clay plan intervention thatbegins with kneading clay and progresses to making a pinch pot
finger amputation is hypersensitivedraw shapes on terry cloth towel
fingertip ampulation interventionROM on affected digits