Hand quiz 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
what techniques should you not use with open woundsimmersian
what other techniques should you do before retrograde massagesdessesitization
Pams are used for what treatmetnsadjunctive
transfer of heat from one obj through anotherconduction
conduction examplesparfin and hot packs
parafin contraindicationsedema or open wound
hot pack precautionsopen wound
heat supplied through motion around tissueconvection
heat is generated INTERANLLYconversion
precautions for ultrasoundstissue destruction, avoid growth plates
use of coldcryotherapy
Electical modalitiesTENS, NMES

Section 2

Question Answer
have to manage what first but ___ limitspain; scarring
use tendon glides forscarring
low cognitionimmobilize
carap tunnel nervemedian
cubital tunnelulnar (claw)
radial tunnel another namewrist drop
radial tunnel is caused bycompression of radial tunnel LATERAL EPI
radial and cubital tunnel dont includetendons to digits
2nd most common location of arthritisCMC
most common arthritis in handDIP
multi symptom pain syndrome caused by dysfunction of sympathetic NScomplex regional pain syndrome
abnormal thickening of fasciadupuytrens
tonosynovitis affects tendons within 1st dorsal compartmentde quervains tenosynotvitis
A1 pulley becomes thick and constrics flexor digitorum superficialstrigger finger
ulnar collateral ligament on forearm as result of MP hyperabd/extendedgame keeper's thumb
DIP in flex and PIP is hyperextendedswan neck
most common reason for swan neckRA
DIP hyperextend PIP flexedboutonniere deformity
DIP flexed and cant extend activelymallet
MP deviate twoard ulnar side...and can avoid by what?ulnar drift;; RA meds