Hand anatomy

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What innervates the thenar muscles?Recurrent branch of median nerves
Thenar musclesOpponens pollicis, abductor pollicis, flexor pollicis brevis
Opposes thumb at CMC jointopponens pollicis
abducts thumbabductor pollcis
flexes thumb at MCP jointflexor pollicis brevis
PADPalmar ADducts
DABDorsal ABducts
What interossei muscle moves the middle finger side to side?The dorsal interossei, there are tendons attached to both sides
What are the hypothenar muscles?abductor digitiminimi, flexor digtitiminimi, oppnens dititi mminimi
What innervates the HYPOthenar muscles?Ulnar nerve
Originates on the pisiformabductor digiti minimi
originates on the hook of hammate and flexor retinaculumflexor digiti minimi and oppens digit minimi
What are the contents of the carpal retinaculum?Flexor digitorum superficialis tendon, median nerve, flexor pollicis longs, flexor digitorm profundus
What innervates the lumbricals?Ulnar and median nerve
What muscles are located in the hand?Adductor pollicis and thenar
What innervates the adductor pollicis?Ulnar nerve
Where does the adductor pollicis originate?Trasverse head- metacarpal3, oblique head capitate and metacarpals2, 3
What are the three actions in the thenar muscles?Flexor, oppones and abductor
What are the three actions in the hypothenar muscles?Flexor, abductor, oppens

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