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what are the four phases of flights and what are the procedures in each phase?1. Sign in Preflight Ground Preflight AC 2. Inflight Service 3. Inflight customer needs, phases that Pays 4. Arrival, Landing, Post Flight
What is minimum crew for all airbuses?A319- 3 A321 T- 4 A321 S- 4
What is maximum crew for all airbuses?A 319- 4 A321 T-6 A321 S-6
FA 1Jump seat assignments for A319?FA 1- 1L Aisle minimum crew and 1L Door Max crew
Jump Seat assignments for A319 for FA2-FA4?FA 2 2l FA 3 1L Aisle and FA 4 2 R
Jump Seat assignments for FA 1 on 321 T and 321 S?1 L Aisle Minimum and 1L Door Max
Jump Seat assignments for FA 2-6 on the 321 T?FA 2 4 L, FA 3 2L FA 4 3R FA 5 1L Aisle and FA6 4R
Jump Seat Assignments for FA 2-6 on the 321 S?FA 2 4L, FA 3 2R FA4 3L FA 5 1L Aisle and FA6 4R
Before placing an All Call where can the FA 1 look to see if all the doors are Armed or Disarmed?FAP
If the arming handle is up it means it is Disarmed
If the arming handle is down it means it isArmed
The cabin pressure warning light will flash red when these 3 things occur?1. Engine is off 2. Cabin is pressurized 3. Slide is disarmed
The slide warning light is what color and what does it mean when it comes on?Steady white light and when you pull it up to 20 degrees its asking you are you sure you want to open the slide.

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If you have two doors two arm which door do you arm first?Arm the right door first
What time would PAX board the 321 S?35 minutes prior to departure
What time would PAX board the 321T and 319?30 minutes prior
What is the protected position for each area of the AC?FWD face Aft Aft Face FWD
What happens when an agent opens an armed door?automatically disarms it.
On what airbus FA 3 and FA 4 are responsible for doing a manual safety demo?321S
Where can you find a manual release tool Mr. T?At every jumpseat
What happens when the cabin altitudes reaches 11500 in a airbus what takes place?The Flight Deck Warning Horn Goes off, PED Power , lights turn off exit signs and fasten seat belt signs come
What happens at 14000 feetOxygen containers will drop automatically, captain will also release them manually, oxygen will flow for 15 minutes and cant be stopped.

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When do we tell passengers to inflate there life vests?As they exit the AC
Where can you find an ELT on the A319Last LH OHB MC or LH Side Doghouse
Where can you find an ELT on the A321 S?Last LH OHB MC
Where can you find Slide Life Rafts on the A3191 L&R 2 L&R
What is the normal and overload capacity of the Slides/liferaft from AC?44 Normal and 56 Overload
Where are Slides on the A319?OWE
Are slides rated as rafts?NO
Where are slides on the A321 T?All exit doors
Where are slides on the A321 S?2 L/R 3L/R last resort
Were are the Slide/Liferafts on the A321S?1 L/R and 4 LR
Where are the Slides/Liferafts on the A3191 L/R and 2 L/R

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What are the primary exits on the A3191 L/R 2 L/R
What are the primary exits on the A321 T1 L/R 4 L/R
What are the primary exits on the A321 S1 L/R 4 L?R
What Airbuses have Survival Kits on them?A321 S and A319