Haiti (LEDC) earthquake

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Question Answer
Date of earthquake12th January 2010
Time of event4:53am
Magnitude of earthquake of Richter scale7.6
Distance south west of Port au Prince of epicentre 16km
Distance of focus to the surface 8.1 miles
Number of deaths316,000
Number of people made homeless1 million
Number of homes destroyed250,000 homes
% of government buildings destroyed60%
Number of hospitals damaged/destroyed50 hospitals
Number of schools damaged/destroyed1300 schools
Number of functioning hospitals in Port au Prince8 hospitals
Number of prisoners escaped after prison was destroyed4000 prisoners
Number of job losses due to infrastructure damages 1 in 5 jobs
Unemployment rate rate change before and after the earthquake10% to 40%
% of Haiti's population living in capital of Port au Prince47%
Total economic damages $14 billion
% of debris, 6 months after the earthquake98%
US donation to Haiti$100 million
UK donation to Haiti£20 million
Number of temporary shelters provided1 million
For how many years did the World Bank freeze Haiti's debt repayments 5 years
Number of doctors per 100,000 people in Haiti2 doctors per 100,00 people