Hair Structure

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Hair piliflexible strands produced by hair follicles
Shaft (above skin)where keratinization is complete, projects from skin
Root(below skin surface)where keratinization is ongoing
Medullacentral core, large cells, air spaces
Cortex bulky layer, several layers of flattened skin
Cuticlesingle layer overlapping cells
Curticle functionstrength, keeps inner layers tightly compacted
Pigment made by melanocytes at base of hair follicle
Hair follicles fold down from the epidermal surface into the dermis
Hair Papilladermal tissue, protrudes into the hair bulb
Peripheral connective tissue wall of hair follicle derived from dermis
Glassy membranethickened basal lamina
Epithelial root sheath derived from an invagination of the epidermis
Hair matrixactively dividing area of the hair bulb that produces the hair
Arrector pilibundle of smooth muscle cells associated w each hair follicle

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