Hair Design Quiz

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Question Answer
AsymmetryImage unequal in width/length
BlowdryerA tool used to dry and style hair
BaseSection of hair attached to the scalp
ConvexOutward curving profile w protruding nose
CurlForms complete circle for pincurl/roller
CurvedLine that creates movement, softness, and wave
ConcaveInward curving profile w sunken nose
EmphasisFocal point of a hair design
Face shapeFacial form created by individual bone structure
Facial proportionThe relationship of facial features and shape to each other
FormA combination of lines that outline a shape
HarmonyA pleasing arrangement of shapes and lines that incorporates all elements of design
IndentationCreates emptiness or flat areas in a design
OvalIdeal face shape
On baseA curl that sits completely on its base
Off baseA curl that sits totally off its base
ProportionHow every part relates to the whole
ProfileOutline of face from the side
ShapingAlso known as molding, combing curls in a circular motion over the surface of the head for the formation of waves or curls
SpaceArea within or surrounding a hair design
StemSection of hair between the base and the first turn of the roller/curl
SymmetryA mirror image from a center point
VolumeCreates lift, fullness or height in a design
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)Alcohols that contain carbon and evaporate quickly
Wet StylingDesigning wet hair into a specific shape

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