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Question Answer
monoblast --> ? --> ?monocyte -> macrophage
megakaryoblast/cyte -> ?platelet
order of blood tubeblood culture -blue- gold- purple- pink - grey
contaminatoin with EDKA -->? hyperK
which bottle has EDKApurple
purple blood forFBC ESR film HbA1c
blueINR, APTT PT, d dimer
goldUE LFT CRP amylase ca phos mag TFT troponin
pinkcross match
greyglucose lactate
viral infections cause neutrophilia or neutropenianeutropenia
CLL causes lymphocytosis or lymphopenialyphocytosis
azathioprine -> what type anaemiamacrocytic normoblastic
bone marrow defect -> type anaemianormo

Section 2

Question Answer
what to give in ttpplasma exhange
wht to give in dicffp
ffp containsclotting fctors
warfarin reverse 1 and 21 protnrombin protein 2ffp
cryoprecipitate containsvWF, 8, fibrinogen
hemophilia lack of whtfactor 8
vwf disease give whtcryoprecipitate
transfusion -->?ca ?k ?fehypo CA, hyperK, high iron
acute hemolytic reaction from transfusion usually due to?clerk error - wrong px
acute hemoltyic reaction --> ?? -->mortality renal failure and DIC (activate coagulatoin cascade)
TRALI (leukocyte) presentation and onsetdyspnoea, hypoxia, pulmonary oedema, 1-2 hrs after
TRALI improve upon fluid challenge?yes
TRALI improve upon diuretics?NO
TRALI happens with FFP and plt transfusion

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Question Answer
iron is absorbed whereduodenum
hepcidien inhibits whatferroportin
ferritin = iron in wheremacrophage and liver
acute phase protein? give 2 iron related oneshepcidin and ferritin
FREE protoporphorphyrin in IDA?increases
MCH and MCHC in IDAdecrease both
IDA think about what diseasecoeliac
iron, TIBC, ferritin in IDA iron decrease, TIBC increase, ferritin decreas
iron ,TIBC, ferritin in anaemia chroniciron decreases, TIBC decreases, ferritin increases
iron, TIBC, ferritin, in pregirion increases, TIBC increases, ferritin normal
se of ferrous sulphate constipation black stools abdo discomfort
for px with IDA symptomatic at rest with dyspnoea and chest pain rx?red cell transfusion

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Question Answer
megaloblastic anemia due to def in what 2 b12 and folate
classes of drugs --> megaloblastic anemia (6Mr Fergus CHAN)Metformin, folate antagonist (methotrexate, trimethoprim) Chemo (azathioprine), HIV 'udine' nuclear family (nuclear transciptase -I) Anti- convulsant (phenytoin), Nitrous oxide
hypersegmented neutrophils --> ?megaloblastic anemia macrocytic
causes of NON megaloblastic macrocytic aneliver problem, alcohol
liver disease --> type of anemianon- meg macro
alcohol --> type of anemianon- meg macro
pregnancy --> type of anemianon- meg macro
hypothyroidism --> type of anaemianon- meg macro
myelodysplasia, myeloma, myeloproliferative disorders-- > type of anemiamacro only
aplastic anemia --> what type of anaemiamacro
source of b12 NOT whereplannt
absrob @ whereterminal ileum
body stores how long for b124 years
gastretomy causes wht anemiavit b12 deficiency meg macro
zollinger ellison causes wht anemiameg macro (b12 ef)
one thing ifferent in inv bet folate n b12methylonic acid INCREASE
folate absorbedjejunum
folate store4 months
what interferes with folate absorption alcohol chronic
what is the most common cause of b12 defpernicious anaemia