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Question Answer Column 3
Early Cycle d/t Qi Xutonify Qi to hold blood, regulate period - use gentle moxaST-36, BL-20 (or REN-6), SP-10 (SP-6), BL-17, REN-4 (reg CHONG/REN disorders), DU-20
Early Cycle d/t Excessive heatClear heat, cool blood, regulate periodLI-11, SP-10, SP-6, P5, SP-1/LIV-1 bleeding, ST-44, DU-14
Early Cycle d/t LIV-Qi-Stag => HeatSoothe LV, relieve constraint, clear heat, regulate periodLIV-2, LIV-14, SP-8, LIV-8, REN-6 (local area), SJ-6.
Early Cycle d/t Yin-Xu heatNourish yin, (clear heat - not a must), regulate periodSP-6 (or KID-3, KID-2, LU-7/KID-6, REN-4 (or REN-7), KID-5 (xi-cleft, if profuse bleeding)
Late Cycle d/t Blood-XuNourish blood, tonify (SP) Qi, regulate period(+moxa) REN-4, REN-6, SP-6, KID-13, BL-17, BL-20, BL-17 (ST-36)
Late Cycle d/t Yang-XuWarm, tonify Yang Qi, resolve cold, regulate period(+stronger moxa) DU-4, BL-23, BL-32 (benefits LJ), REN-4, REN-6, ST-36, ST-29, KID-3
Late Cycle d/t ColdWarm the meridians, collaterals, uterus, resolve cold, regulate period(+heavier moxa) ST-29, BL-32, REN-4, REN-6, SP-4/P-6 (reg CHONG), LI-4/SP-6 (move qi and blood), REN-3 (LJ excess)
Late Cycle d/t LIV-Qi-StagSoothe Qi, move Qi, move blood, resolve stagnation and regulate blood.LIV-3, LIV-14 (local discomfort), KID-14 (lower abd bloating), SJ-6 (move qi), SP-6, SP-4/P6, REN-3 (if pain in LJ).
Irregular cycle d/t LIV-Qi-StagSoothe LIV, regulate Qi, nourish blood, regulate periodREN-17 (local, for chest pain), LIV-14 (local, for hypoc pain), REN-6 (for abd pain), KID-14 (for abd bloating), REN-12 (for upper abd pain), LIV-3/LI-4, SJ-6 (move Qi), GB-34 (soothe LIV), SP-6, SP-4/P-6 (reg. CHONG)
Irregular cycle d/t KID-(Yang-)XuTonify (and Warm) KD (Yang) to regulate period(+moxa) BL-23, KID-5 (xi-cleft, also tonifies KID), KID-3, REN-4 (reg CHONG , or BL-52 for essence), SP-6 (tonify SP to help KID)
Profuse Menstruation d/t SP-Qi-XuTonify Qi to hold blood to regulate periodBL-20, ST-36, REN-6, DU-20, BL-23 (if KID-Xu), (or REN-12, BL-24/QiHaiShu, SP-6, SP-10), SP-1 (moxa to stop bleeding)
Profuse Menstruation d/t Blood-HeatClear heat, cool blood, stop bleeding, nourish yinLI-11, SP-10, SP-6, KID-2 (or ST-44), SP-4/P-6 (reg. CHONG), SP-1/LIV-1 (bleed), SP-8,
Profuse Menstruation d/t Blood-StasisMove blood, resolve bl-stasis to stop bleedingSP-4/P-6, SP-10 (or BL-17), SP-8 (help move blood), KID-14 (for qi-accum, or SJ-6 to move qi), ST-29 (move LJ), REN-3. If cold: moxa. If heat: clear heat. If qi-xu: tonify qi. If qi-stag: soothe LIV-qi
Scanty Menstruation d/t Blood-XuNourish blood to regulate periodST-36, SP-6, BL-20, BL-18 (or LIV-8), BL-17, REN-4. If severe: +BL-52, moxa REN-4, BL-23
Scanty Menstruation d/t KID-Yang-XuWarm, tonify KID yang, nourish blood to regulate periodBL-23, REN-4, KID-13 (tonify KID, meeting of CHONG/KID, 0,5c lat to REN-4), LIV-8, KID-3, ST-36, SP-6. Use strong moxa. Also: DU-4, BL-52, BaLiao (BL-32 - good for LJ)
Scanty Menstruation d/t KID-Yin-XuNourish KID yin, nourish blood, nourish essence to regulate periodLU-7/KD-6 (nourish Yin), KID-3, REN-4, ST-36, SP6. Also: LIV-8, LIV-3, BL-18, BL-23, KID-13 (reg CHONG/REN, LJ). If heat: KID-2. If yang-rising: LIV-2, P-5, P-8
Scanty Menstruation d/t Blood-StasisInvigorate blood, eliminate stasis to regulate periodSP-4/P-6 (chong/ren), KID-14 (moves bl-stasis), ST-29 (local), SP-6 (reduce technique to move!)/LI-4 (tonify to move!)
Scanty Menstruation d/t Phlegm/DampResolve phlegm, dry dampness to regulate periodREN-6 (reduce to invigorate qi and break up stagnation), ST-28(shui dao - local accumulation)/REN-9, BL-32 (for LJ disorders, commonly used for damp-heat), SP-9, SP-6 (reduce to break blockage). Also: LI-4 and REN-6. Also: ST-40/LU5 (for phlegm).
Prolonged Menstruation d/t Blood-StasisMove qi, move blood, resolve bl-stasis to regulate periodsSP-4/P-6 (reg CHONG, P-6 also moves Qi), SP-8 (stop bleeding, move blood), KID-14 (move LJ-qi and resolve accumulation), ST-29 (invigorate circulation), LIV-3 (for qi-stag), SP-6 (reduce to move!). Also: LI-4 (to pair with SP-6, tonify to move). If bl-stasis from cold, add moxa.
Prolonged Menstruation d/t Yin-Xu HeatNourish yin, strengthen KID, clear empty-heat, stop bleeding to regulate periodsLU-7/KID-6, REN-4, SP-6, KID-3, KID-2, KID-5 (xi-cleft, stop bleeding and tonify KID)
Dysmenorrhea d/t Qi-Stag with Bl-stasisSoothe Qi, move qi, move blood, resolve stasis to stop painKID-14 (move LJ-Qi and resolve accumulation), ST-29 (invigorate circulation in LJ), LI-4/LIV-3 (move Qi), SP-6 (reduce to move blood), SP-10 (or BL-17), SP-4/P-6 (regulate CHONG - P-6 also moves Qi)
Dysmenorrhea d/t Yang-XuWarm and tonify KD yang-qi, warm-up collaterals, meridians, uterus to stop pain. Use moxaBL-23, DU-4, REN-4 (to help transform KID-Qi), ST-28 (2cun lat to REN-4, regulates water accumulation, benefits Bladder. Could be ST-29 to warm up LJ), BL-32 (for LJ-disorders, moxa and tonify), ST-36 (tonify SP to support KID). Or: BL-17, BL-52, BL-43. Or KID-3, KID-7, KID-13
Dysmenorrhea d/t Cold-DampWarm the uterus to resolve cold, resolve dampness. Use moxa.ST-28 (or REN-9 or ST-29), SP-8(move blood, or SP-4/P-6), REN-3 (front-Mu of BL), BL-32(LJ disorders), REN-6 (or KID-14). Can add SP-9. Suggest cinnamon, fennel seeds.
Dysmenorrhea d/t Damp-Heat in LJClear heat and resolve dampness, resolve bl-stasis - Do not use moxa. Similar points to cold damp pattern.LI-11, KID-2, SP-9, REN-3, ST-28, BL-32, BL-22.
Dysmenorrhea d/t Qi/Blood-XuTonify (SP-)Qi and nourish Blood to stop painBL-20, REN-6, REN-4, ST-36, BL-17, SP-6, BL-32 (local pt for lower back). Gentle moxa.
Dysmenorrhea d/t LIV(blood)/KID(Essence)-XuTonify KID(-essence), nourish LIV (Blood) to stop painREN-4, BL-18, BL-23, KID-3, ST-36, SP-6, BL-32, BL-54 (or BL-52, DU-4)
Mid-Cycle Bleeding d/t KID-Yin-XuNourish KID-Yin, (clear empty-heat to secure), stop bleedingREN-4, LU-7/KID-6, SP-6, KID-3, LI-11/SP-10, KID-5 (xi-cleft, to stop bleeding)
Mid-Cycle Bleeding d/t Damp-HeatClear Heat, resolve dampness, stop bleedingSP-9, ST-28, REN-9, BL-22, REN-3 GB-41/SJ-5, BL-32, SP-8 (xi-cleft, stop bleeding)
Mid-Cycle Bleeding d/t Blood-StasisMove blood, resolve stasis, stop bleedingSP-4/P-6, REN-6, ST-29 (combine w/ KID-14), SP-6, SP-10, BL-17, SP-8 (move blood and stop bleeding)
Amenorrhea d/t LIV(blood)/KID(essence)-XuTonify KID, nourish LIV to regulate periodBL-18, BL-52, BL-23, REN-4, LIV-8, ST-36/SP-6(helpers), KID-3.
Amenorrhea d/t (SP-)Qi/Blood-XuTonify (SP-)Qi, nourish Blood to regulate periodST-36, SP-6, REN-4, REN-6, BL-18, BL-17, BL-20, LIV-8, KID-3
Amenorrhea d/t (KID)Yin-Xu heat drying bloodNourish Yin, clear heat, to regulate periodLU-7/KID-6, KID-2, SP-10/LI-11, SP-6, BL-43, KID-7, REN-4 (local pt), REN-7 (local pt)
Amenorrhea d/t Blood/Qi-StagMove qi, move blood to resolve bl-stasis, to unblock collaterals (uterus or CHONG/REN) to regulate periodSP-4/P-6. LI-4(T)/SP-6(R), KID-14/ST-29, SP-8, REN-3, REN-17
Amenorrhea d/t Phlegm/DampResolve phlegm and (or dry) dampness, to regulate qi and blood circulation, to regulate periodSP-9, BL-32, ST-28, REN-6, GB-41/SJ-5, ST-40, SP-6/LI-4, (or SP-4/P-6 if constraint in UJ and LJ)


Question Answer Column 3
Menorrhagia (Beng Lou - Flooding Dripping) d/t Blood-HeatClear heat and cool blood and Stop Bleeding.LI11, SP1, 10, LV1, SP4/PC6, SP6
Menorrhagia (Beng Lou - Flooding Dripping) d/t Yin-XuNourish KD (and other involved organ) yin, Stop Bleeding. LU7/KD6, KD5 (xi-cleft pts), KID-10, blood stopping pts, SP6, Ren4, UB23.
Menorrhagia (Beng Lou - Flooding Dripping) d/t SP-Qi-XuTonify SP Qi to hold the blood, nourish blood.Du20, Ren4, 6, ST36, SP6, UB20. Diet and lifestyle changes. Use caution with tonifying herbs as they may be too hard to digest.
Menorrhagia (Beng Lou - Flooding Dripping) d/t KID-Yang-XuWarm, tonify KD.Du4, UB23, Ren6, 8 (moxa), KD13, ST36, SP6, KD6. Use caution with tonifying herbs as they may be too hard to digest.
Menorrhagia (Beng Lou - Flooding Dripping) d/t Blood-StasisMove blood, resolve stasis.SP8, 10, SP4/PC6 (chong), LI4/SP6, local pts Ren4, 6, ST29, 30, KD14
Headache d/t Blood-XuNourish blood, tonify Qi. SP focused treatment, modify diet.UB17 20, SP6 10, ST36, Ren4
Headache d/t LIV-FireClear heat, drain fire, soothe LV, extinguish wind, nourish yin (minor, preventative). Guide Qi downwards.LV2, GB43, LI11, 4Gates, GB5 9, SP6
Headache d/t Blood-StasisMove Qi/Blood. Use reducing methods, unblock collaterals.SP4/PC6, ST29, KD14, GB17, LV3, Du20
Cyclical Bleeding d/t LIV-FireClear heat, drain fire, guide blood down.LV2, LI11, SP10, LU6
Cyclical Bleeding d/t LU/KID-Yin-XuNourish yin, guide blood down.KD2 3, Ren4, SP6, LU6 9, UB13
Menstrual Mouth Ulcer d/t Yin-XuNourish YinLU7, KD2 3 6, Ren4, HT5, PC8
Menstrual Mouth Ulcer d/t ST-HeatClear ST heat, drain fire.ST25 41, SP4/PC6, LI4, SP15
Menstrual Edema d/t SP/KID-Yang-XuWarm, tonify SP + KD. Benefit water by promoting urination, reduce sodium intake. Use stronger moxa, tonifying PTs.Ren4,9, Du4, SP9, UB20, 23, ST36.
Menstrual Edema d/t Qi-StagnationSoothe LIV-Qi-
Menstrual Edema d/t Blood-StasisMove BloodLV3, 14, GB34, SJ6, Ren6, 9, SP8, 10
Menstrual Breast Tenderness d/t LIV-Qi-Stagnation Soothe LV to relieve constraint and stop the pain. Local points for pain may be used.SJ6, LV3, 14, ST18, GB21, 34, PC6
Menstrual Breast Tenderness d/t LIV/KID-Yin-XuNourish KID/LIV-YinLU7, KD2, 6, SP6, Ren4, LV3. May need HT pts if appropriate.
Menstrual Mental Disorder (PMS) d/t LIV-Qi-StagnationSoothe LV, relieve constraint, tonify SP, nourish blood, calm spirit.LV3, 13, SP6, 8, 10, HT7, back shu
Menstrual Mental Disorder (PMS) d/t Phlegm/Fire disturbingClear heat, drain fire, resolve phlegm, calm spirit.ST40, 44, SP9, PC8, LI4, UB22
Perimenopausal syndrome d/t KID-Qi-Xutonifying Jing.?
Perimenopausal syndrome d/t LIV-Yang-risingsubdue yang, calm LV, nourish KD yin.KD3, 6, LV3, GB20, Du20, PC5, 7, Yaoyan (3.5 cun lat to L4)
Perimenopausal syndrome d/t HT-Blood-XuTonify HT blood, harmonize HT/KD.UB15, 20, 23, SP6
Perimenopausal syndrome d/t SP/ST-Xu??
Perimenopausal syndrome d/t Phlegm/Qi-Accumulation??


Early Cycle4SP-Qi Xu, Excessive heat, LIV-Qi-Stag => Heat, Yin-Xu heat
Late Cycle4Blood-Xu, Yang Xu, Cold, LIV-Qi-Stag
Irregular cycle2LIV-Qi-Stag, KID-(Yang-)Xu
Profuse Menstruation3SP-Qi-Xu, Blood-Heat, Blood-Stasis
Scanty Menstruation5Blood-Xu, KID-Yang-Xu, KID-Yin-Xu, Blood-Stasis, Phlegm/Damp
Prolonged Menstruation2Blood-Stasis d/t Qi-Stag, KID-Yin-Xu w/ empty-heat
Dysmenorrhea6Qi-Stag w/ Bl-stasis, Cold d/t Yang-Xu, Cold-Damp, Damp-heat, Qi/Bl-Xu, LIV/KID-Xu


Mid-Cycle Bleeding3KID-Yin-Xu, Damp-Heat, Blood-Stasis
Amenorrhea5LIV/KID-Xu, Qi/Blood-Xu, Yin-Xu, Blood/Qi-Stag, Phlegm/Damp
Menorrhagia (Beng Lou - Flooding Dripping)5Blood-Heat, Yin-Xu, SP-Qi-Xu, KID-Yang-Xu, Blood-Stasis
Headache3Blood-Xu, LIV-Fire, Blood-Stasis
Cyclical Bleeding2LIV-Fire, LU/KID-Yin-Xu
Menstrual Mouth Ulcer2Yin-Xu, ST-Heat
Menstrual Edema3SP/KID-Yang-Xu, Qi-Stagnation, Blood-Stasis
Menstrual Breast Tenderness2LIV-Qi-Stagnation, LIV/KID-Yin-Xu
Menstrual Mental Disorder (PMS)2LIV-Qi-Stagnation, Phlegm/Fire disturbing
Perimenopausal syndrome5KID-Qi-Xu, LIV-Yang-rising, HT-Blood-Xu, SP/ST-Xu, Phlegm/Qi-Accumulation