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Question Answer Column 3
Leucorrhea d/t SP-Qi-XuTonify SP qi to resolve damp. Food therapy.Ren6, SP6, ST36, UB30, 32, GB26 (Daimai pt, experiential use for this). ST30, SP12 for persistent discharge. Also: UB30, 31, GB41.
Leucorrhea d/t KID-XuTonify KD yang (usually), consolidate Dai. Heavier moxa.Ren4, UB23, KD6, 12, 13, GB26. Also: UB30, 31, GB41.
Leucorrhea d/t Toxic-DampRefer to hospital or doctor, may get antibiotics. Clear heat, resolve damp. Use reducing methods,GB26, Ren3, Sp9, UB34, LV2, 5 (for itchiness) Also: UB30, 31, GB41.
Abdominal Mass (Zheng Jia) - Tumors, Fibroids, Cysts - d/t Qi-StagnationMove/soothe Qi to resolve mass, move BL.Ren6, LV3, LI4, KD14, UB22, SP6. Exercise, lifestyle changes.
Abdominal Mass (Zheng Jia) - Tumors, Fibroids, Cysts - d/t Blood-StasisMove blood to resolve stasis and mass.Reduce UB17, SP10, SP6, Ren6. Moxa if cold present.
Abdominal Mass (Zheng Jia) - Tumors, Fibroids, Cysts - d/t Phlegm/DampMove Qi to resolve phlegm/damp, blood stasis.Reduce Ren6, UB22, LI4, ST40, Ren3, UB34, SP6, 9. Fibroids of 2cm (diameter) and under may be treated successfully by acu and herbs (largely from improving immune function).
Infertility d/t KID-Qi-XuTonify KD to regulate Chong + Ren. Moxa necessary for Yang xu.UB20, 23, KD3, 10, 13, Yaoyan, Du20
Infertility d/t Essence/Blood-XuNourish blood, essence to regulate Chong + Ren and tonify KD Qi.Ren4, SP6, ST36, UB20, Zigong
Infertility d/t Cold in UterusTonify, warm uterus to regulate Chong + Ren. Usage of strong moxa.Ren2, 4, 6 7, Du4, UB23, 32
Infertility d/t Phlegm and Blood-StasisMove Qi to resolve phlegm and stasis.Ren3, ST30, 40, KD14, SP6, 8 (if clotted menstruation), UB23. PC6, LV3 if chest distention.
Infertility d/t LIV-Qi-StagnationSoothe LV, relieve constraint, nourish the BL.LV3, GB34, SJ6, PC6, Ren6, UB20, 18


Question Answer Column 3
Morning Sickness d/t SP/ST-XuTonify SP/ST, harmonize ST, stop vomiting. Gentle tonifying needles, ST36, Ren12, 13, UB20, 21, PC6, SP4
Morning Sickness d/t LIV/ST-DisharmonySoothe LV, harmonize ST to control rebellion, vomiting.LV3, PC6, ST36, Ren 12. If sour/bitter taste, GB34. If stronger needed, use SJ6, Ren17. For headache, Du20, Yintang. Cupping, guasha may be appropriate. Boil fresh cilantro and inhale steam to control ST. Use Zi Su Ye (edible), calms fetus due to Qi stagnation, also Chen Pi.
Risk of Miscarriage d/t KID-Xu w/ Tai Lou (Bleeding) and Tai Dong Bu An (Restless fetus)Tonify KD to calm fetus.UB23, KD3, Du20, ST36, Ren6
Risk of Miscarriage d/t Qi/Blood-Xu w/ Tai Lou (Bleeding)Tonify Qi, blood. Consolidate KD to calm fetus. Use moxa, tonifying acupuncture.Du20, Ren6, ST36, UB17 18 20 23, K3, LV8
Risk of Miscarriage d/t Blood-HeatClear heat, nourish yin + blood, calm fetus.SP10, LI11, PC3, KD6, LV2 3, SP6
Risk of Miscarriage d/t Trauma/InjuryTonify Qi + blood to harmonize, calm fetus.?


Question Answer Column 3
Insufficient milk d/t Qi/Blood-XuTonify Qi/Blood, promote lactation. Tonify with acu and moxa.Ren17, ST18 (both local, regulate Qi, point needle towards nipple), UB20, ST36, Ren12, ST25 If blood loss during delivery, SP + T/T may still be OK, add UB17, 18. Diet therapy very important, herbs.
Insufficient milk d/t LIV-Qi-StagnationSoothe Qi, relieve constraint, unblock breast vessels to promote lactation.Ren 17, ST18, SI1 (empirical point to imp lactation), PC6, LV3. If hypchon symptoms, use LV14. If T/T upset, reduce Ren12 to descend


Question Answer Column 3
Postpartum Fever d/t Heat-ToxinClear toxic heat, cool blood, resolve BL stasis.LI11, PC3, SP9, Du14, Shixuan (finger tip points), SP10, SP29
Postpartum Fever d/t EPIExpel wind/cold, nourish BL. Moxa appropriate in absence of heat EPI.SJ5, LI4, LU7, 11, UB12, 17
Postpartum Fever d/t Blood-Stasisclear Bl-stasisSP6 (reducing), 8, 10, LI4, UB17, ST29, KD14, UB20
Postpartum Fever d/t Blood-XuTonify SP Qi.ST36, Ren4, 12, SP6, UB17
Postpartum Convulsion-Du20, GB20, KD3, SP6