Gut Microbiota

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Drug to treat C.Diff infections?Mentronidazole
Inflammation of the large intestine caused by C.Difficle is calledC.Difficle colitis
Characteristics of C.Dificle bacteriaGram positive, Oligate anaerobic ,sporing
Life cycle of CDI1) Give antibiotics 2) Loss of colonization resistance 3) Disease initiation 4) Proliferation of CDI 5) Normal flora eliminated 6) Toxin produced
Effect of spores in stomachDamage colonic mucosa
Size of toxin A308kDa
Size of toxin B269kDa
Diagnosis of CDIDetect organism in faeces, detect toxins, detect GDH
What is HPI and what does it do?Its a blended and filtered suspension of stool, administered via colonoscopy, unfavorable bacteria are eliminated, favorable ones multipy
rRNA operon codes for theribosomal RNA
How many sequences exist in the rRNA operon?Three; 5s and 23s sequence code for the large subunit and the 16s sequence encodes for the small suubunit
Key characteristic of the C.Dificle rRNA operon is that it has...Variable lengths of the spacer regions