Gut hormone

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gastrin released fromantrum and duodenum
CCK release from small intestine
Histamine released fromECL cell of gastric mucose
Somatostatin released fromGI mucosa, pancreatic islets
Motilin released fromSmall intestine
GIP released fromsmall intestine
VIP released from nerve cells of the mucosa and smooth muscle
Bombesin released fromnerve cells of gastric mucosa
Enkephalins released fromnerve cells of the mucosa and smooth muscle
Gastrin stimulated byvagus, peptides, distention
CCK stimulated bypeptides, fat, HCL
secretin stimulated byHCL, fat
Motilin stimulated byVagus, fat, HCL
GIP stimulated by glucose, amino acids, fat
Somatostatin stimulated byHCL, but inhibited by Vagus
Histamine stimulated bygastrin
VIP stimulated byN/A
Bombesin stimulated byN/A
Enkephalins stimulated byN/A
Gastrin actionincrease HCL release
CCK actionGallbladder contraction, pancreatic HCO3, enzyme secretion, growth of exocrine pancreas
secretin actionPancreatic HCO3, Biliary HCO3, growth of exocrine pancreas, pepsin secretion
Motilin actionincreased stomach and intestinal motility
GIP actionstimulates insulin, inhibits HCL
somatostatin actioninhibits gastrin release and HCL secretion
histamine actionHCL release
VIP actionpancreatic and intestinal secretion; relaxes sphincters and smooth muscle
Bombesin actiongastrin release
enkephalins actionsmooth muscle contraction, inhibits intestinal secretion

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