Guess the 'Antony and Cleopatra' Act!

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The first scene is set in Alexandria.Act 1
Demetrius and Philo describe the lovers’ relationship.Act 1
We see how Caesar perceives the lovers’ relationship.Act 1
Caesar's comments about Antony reveal a great deal about his own character.Act 1
The triumvirs form a truce in order to present a united front due to the threat of Pompey, an insurgent force, to the Roman Empire.Act 2
Antony and Caesar decide to resolve the fighting among themselves by having Antony marry Octavia, Caesar’s sister.Act 2
Cleopatra is devastated by the news that Antony is married.Act 2
Antony's thoughts return to Egypt and Cleopatra in the midst of pledging his loyalty to Octavia.Act 2
Antony tires of his pursuit of power in Rome and returns to Egypt.Act 3
Through Octavia's discovery that Antony is glorifying Cleopatra and her children, Caesar brands Antony a traitor.Act 3
Antony's forces are first defeated.Act 3
Antony blames Cleopatra for his loss at war.Act 4
Antony, with the help of Cleopatra, wins a battle against Caesar.Act 4
Antony is absolutely defeated by Caesar.Act 4
Cleopatra hopes to make Antony realise his suspicions have been misplaced by sending him word that she is dead.Act 4
Antony falls upon his sword.Act 4
Mark Antony and Cleopatra spend their final moments together.Act 4
Cleopatra passes her last few hours.Act 5
Caesar promises Cleopatra that she will be treated with honour in Rome.Act 5
One of Caesar's officers, Dolabella, warns Cleopatra not to put faith in his promises.Act 5
Cleopatra's women have a basket of poisonous snakes smuggled in.Act 5
Caesar acknowledges his victory has been deprived of its full glory.Act 5

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