Growth hormone, Thyroid hormone, Insulin, and Cortisol (Glucocorticoids) have specifics actions on carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Give which hormone or hormones have the effects listed below

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Increases rate of amino acid entry into cells; also increases protein synthesis.growth hormone, insulin
In large doses causes protein catabolismthyroid hormones
Causes glycogenolysis; enhances glucose entry into cells, but decreases utilization.growth hormone
Causes fat catabolism; use of fatty acids for energy. growth hormone, thyroid hormone, cortisol
Causes glycogenolysis, glycolysis, and gluconeogenesisthyroid hormone

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Increases protein synthesis in small dosesthyroid hormone
Decreased protein synthesis; increased catabolism of stored proteins; reduces all body stores. cortisol
Increases gluconeogenesis, increases glycogen formation, and glucose utilization is spared by cellscortisol
Enhances transport of glucose into fat cells for storage as fat and other cells (except the brain and RBCs) for storage as glycogen; inhibits glycogenolysis and gluco- neogenesis. insulin