Growth control ii)

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Where does growth stop even in a permissive env??Eye-antennal disks in culutre from Drosophila
What is evidence for vert growth ccontrolphalangeal bones of young rats or humeri of young mice transplanted under the skin of adult hosts develop to almost normal size and normal overall shape
What heart experiments show?Infant rat hearts transplanted into adults grow at the donor rate irrespective of the host age, eventually acquires host size, presumably in response to functional demands
Ambystoma transplantsSmall eyes of ambystoma punctatum in big ambystoma tigrinum keep donor growth rate and size
What is the downfall of the polar coordinate model?However it cannot explain the ability of organs to regulate dimensions independently of cell size/ number
Why does growth sslow in Growth morphogen model?Relative increases reduce with time leading to gradual decrease in proliferation rates.
What is the evidence that mechanical signals are important to disk growthStretching wing imaginal discs increase prolifera9on
How does ECM regulate proliferationThe ECM regulates the expression of members of th cdk inhibitor family (e.g. p21cip1 and p27kip1) which regulate activity of cdk2 in G1 phase and entry into S phase 2)Integrin-mediated adhesion to the ECM stimulate ERK activity, leading to cyclin D1 gene induction 3)Integrin- mediated adhesion to the ECM s9mulates the GTP-loading of Rac. Ac9va9on of the Rac pathway results in the early G1 phase induc9on of cyclin D1

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