Grouping of Nations - NAFTA

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Question Answer
Date of agreement1st January 1994
During what decade did Mexico get into debt1980's
Increase of trade between member countries between 1993 to 2012 $297 billion to $1.2 trillion
USA FDI total investment in Canada and Mexico$350 billion
USA agricultural export growth to Canada and Mexico30% increase
Total jobs created due to the trilateral agreement1.1 million
Inflation rate in USA in 20151.7%
Growth in USA trade trade deficit16% increase
Total USA job losses since agreement750,000 jobs
USA GDP growth increases due to agreement0.5%
Total value of oil imports to the USA from Canada and Mexico$158 billion
% increase in trade with USA for Canada80% increase
Total USA investment in Canada$147 billion
Mexico total % exports to the USA78% of exports