Grouping of Nations - EU

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Question Answer
When was the EU created1956
When was the Euro currency launched in 11 of the 15 member states1st January 1999
% of the EU budget accounted for by the Common Agricultural Policy 35%
Projected length of road networks to link Eastern Europe 75,200km
Projected length of rail networks to link Eastern Europe78,000km
Total fund from the EU to developing countries (EU Developing Fund)2 billion euros
Aim of CO2 reduction from the levels of 1990 by 202020% decrease in CO2 emmisions
The UK's net contribution to the EU as a % of their GDP0.5%
The EU's total GDP$18.5 trillion
Total companies in the EU21 million companies
% of the UK's goods and services exports to the EU 47.5%
% of the UK FDI coming from the EU55%