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USGSControls on water chemistry are type of geological material present and length of time water is in contact with those materials
USGS - AquiferA water bearing rock which readily transmits water to wells and springs
Unconfined aquiferWater seeps from the ground surface directly above the aquifer
Confined aquiferImpermeable layer exists that prevents water from seeping into the aquifer from the ground directly above
Ferguson and Gleeson 2012Excessive groundwater extraction leads to saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers, theyre also vulnerable to groundwater extraction
Eberts - Local AquifersRecharge and discharge are adjacent to each other
Eberts - Regional aquifersRecharge = areas lying along the bottom of groundwater divides and discharge areas = lie at the bottom of major drainage basins


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EbertsRegional flow systems are less transcient than local systems, minimally affected by seasonal variations and provide a constant flow of discharge
Witherspoon 1986As soil wets and dries the rate of infiltration changes
Horton 1945In a prolonged storm a continued decrease in infiltration capacity occurs until overland flow occurs
Fan and Bras 1998Hillslope is the area between two streamlines from channel head to the ridgelines
Lu and Likos 2004Capillary rise is the movement of pore water from lower elevation to higher elevation by the hydraulic head gradient acting across the curved pore interface
Williams 1970Soil water- matric potential controls hydraulic conductivity


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Narasimhan 1998Darcy's law has come to play a central role in study of flow of fluids in Earth's subsurface
De Vries and Simmers 2002Direct recharge (water added by direct percolation), indirect(Percolation through beds of surface water course) and localised (horizontal surface concentration of water)
RechargeGeneral downward flow of water reaching the water table, forming an addition to the groundwater reserve
Winter 1998Water moves from area of recharge to discharge. for a stream to be gainingthe altitude of the stream must be higher than the stream-water surface