Gross Motor Skill Development 12 Months to 4 Years, 5 years to 13+ years

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Section 1

Question Answer
Walks without support12 to 15 months
Fast Walking12 to 15 months
Walks Sideways12 to 15 months
Bends over to look between legs12 to 15 months
Creeps or hitches upstairs12 to 15 months
Throws ball in sitting12 to 15 months
Squats in play16 to 24 months
Walks backwards16 to 24 months
Walking upstairs and downstairs with one hand held using both feet on the step16 to 24 months
Propels ride-on toys16 to 24 months
Kicks ball16 to 24 months
Throws ball16 to 24 months
Throws ball forward Picks up toy from floor without falling16 to 24 months
Rides tricycle2 years
Walks on tiptoe2 years
Runs on toes2 years
Walks downstairs with alternating feet2 years
Catches large ball2 years
Hops on one foot2 years
Throws ball 10 feet3 - 4 years
Walks on a line 10 feet3 - 4 years
Hops 2-10 times on one foot3 - 4 years
Jumps distance over obstacles up to 12 inchs3 - 4 years
Throws and catches small ball3 - 4 years
Runs fast and avoids obstacles3 - 4 years

Section 2

Question Answer
Skips on alternate feet5 to 8 years
Gallops5 to 8 years
Can play hopskotch, balance on one foot, controlled hopping, and squatting on one leg5 to 8 years
Jumps with rhythm, control (i.e. jump rope)5 to 8 years
Bounces a large ball5 to 8 years
Kicks ball with greater control5 to 8 years
Limbs growing faster than trunk allowing greater speed, leverage5 to 8 years
mature patterns of movement in throwing, jumping, running9 to 12 years
Competition increases, enjoys competitive games9 to 12 years
Improved balance, coordination, endurance, attention span9 to 12 years
Boys may develop preadolescent fat spurt9 to 12 years
Girls may develop prepubescent and pubescent changes in body shape9 to 12 years
Rapid growth in size and strength in boys, more than girls13+ years
Puberty leads to changes in body proportions, center of gravity rises toward shoulders for boys, hips for girls13+ years
Balance and coordination skills, eye-hand coordination, endurance may pateau during growth spurt13+ years