Gross Motor Skill Development 0 Months to 15 months

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Section 1

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Physiological flexion in proneNewborn to 1 month
lifts head briefly in roneNewborn to 1 month
head to side in proneNewborn to 1 month
physiological flexion in supineNewborn to 1 month
rolls partly to side in supineNewborn to 1 month
head lag in pull to sitNewborn to 1 month
reflexive standing and walkingNewborn to 1 month
Newborn to 1 month

Section 2

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Briefly lifts head to 90 degrees in prone2 to 3 months
Chest up in prone position with some weight through forearms2 to 3 months
Rolls prone to supine2 to 3 months
Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex is present and strong2 to 3 months
Legs kick reciprocally in supine2 to 3 months
Prefers to keep head to the side in supine2 to 3 months
Head upright while sitting, but head bobs2 to 3 months
Variable head lag in pull to sitting position2 to 3 months
Needs full support to sit2 to 3 months
2 to 3 months

Section 3

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Bears weight on extened arms in prone4 to 5 months
Pivots in prone to reach toys4 to 5 months
Rolls from supine to side position in supine4 to 5 months
Plays with feet to mouth in supine4 to 5 months
Can keep head steady in a sitting position4 to 5 months
Able to sit alone for brief periods4 to 5 months
Bears all weight through legs in supported standing4 to 5 months

Section 4

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Rolls from supine to prone position6 to 7 months
Holds weight on one hand to reach for toy in prone6 to 7 months
Lifts head in supine6 to 7 months
lifts head and helps with pulled to sitting position6 to 7 months
Gets to sitting position without assistance6 to 7 months
Sits independently6 to 7 months
May crawl backward6 to 7 months

Section 5

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Gets into hands-knees position8 to 9 months
Does not tolerated supine position when in supine8 to 9 months
Moves from sitting to prone position8 to 9 months
Sits without hand support for longer periods8 to 9 months
Pivots in sitting position8 to 9 months
Stands at furniture8 to 9 months
Pulls to stand at furniture8 to 9 months
Lower to sitting position from supported standing8 to 9 months
Crawls forward8 to 9 months
Walks along furniture (cruising)8 to 9 months

Section 6

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Stands wtihout support briefly10 to 11 months
Pulls to stand using half kneel intermediate position10 to 11 months
Picks up objects from floor from standing with support10 to 11 months
Walks with both hands held10 to 11 months
Walks with one hand held10 to 11 months
Creeps on hands and feet (bear walk)10 to 11 months

Section 7

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Walks without support12 to 15 months
Fast walking12 to 15 months
Walks sideways12 to 15 months
Bends over to look between legs12 to 15 months
Creeps or hitches upstairs12 to 15 months
Throws ball in sitting12 to 15 months