Greenhouse effect

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carbon dioxidecellular respiration, decay of plants, natural fires
methane CH4decaying material in wetland. released by animals-cows
nitrous oxide (n2o)anaerobic nitrification
water vapour (h20)evaporation of water, respiration in animals and plants
ozone O3produced naturally in upper atmosphere when UV reacts with oxygen gas

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greenhouse gasesprevent suns energy from being relfected back into space
nat greenhouse effectneeded to maintain temp of earth as earth rotates away from sun
without greenhouse gasesthe temp would drop dramatically at night

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1suns energy passes thru atmosphere
2most of suns energy is absorbed by earth ocean and land and WARMS Up
3earths surface and atmosphere reflect some of the solar energy
4heated surface re emit infrared radiation
5 infrared energy is re emitted by greenhouse gases

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anthropogenic green house effect is related to human activity. which LEADs to INCREASE in concentration of greenhouse gases
main sources OF ANTHROPOGENICindustry agriculture transportation and electric power generation
global warming is when there is a sustained increase in the worlds average surface temperature that leads to change in climate
natural causes of global warming greenhouse effect, change in amount of energy from sun-solar output and CHANGE in earths orbit
evidence in changing climate includerise in sea level, global temp rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheetsm declining artic sea ice, glacial retreat, extreme weather events- heat intense storms.

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