Greek Words

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omphalosZeus' stone placed at Delphi (Phyto)
Pandoraall gifts
aulosreed pipe
dithyrambschorus of 50 men or boys presented by ten tribes of Athens
tetralogy3 tragedies + 1 satyr play (lighter theme)
archonleading public official
choregosdonate as wealthy Athenian citizen
Epaphostouch; son produced by Io with Zeus' touch, founded long ling of kings in Egypt then back to Greece
Thetisnymph of the sea who gives birth to Achilles, took care of Hephasteus
ThemisZeus and Themis produce Seasons, Justice, Fates (order)
Iapetos + Clymene titan + titan's daughter produce Atlas, Menoitos, Prometheus, Epimetheus
Aitiology why something is the way it is today
Deucalion + Pyrrhasole survivor of flood sent by Zeus, repopulate population by instructions of goddess Themis to throw bones of their mother over their shoulders
DodanaZeus' cult centre with oracle there (where Io's father went)
EuropaZeus comes as bull (kings of Crete)
DanaeZeus comes as rainshower (Perseus)
AlkmeneZeus comes as her husband (Herackles)
LedaZeus comes as swan (Helen, Clytemnestra, Castor, Pollux)
GanymedeZeus sends eagle to abduct him
Anakalypteriagesture in marriage (first time seeing her face)
AmphitritePoseidon's wife
Cypruscult site for Aphrodite
poems of Sapphoto honour Aphrodite
Anchisesmortal Trojan hero that Aphrodite falls in love with
Aeneasmortal son of Aphrodite (Aphrodite is patron goddess of Rome)
Ares + AphroditeHarmonia, Panic, Fear
Katabasisdescent to the Underworld
Parthenosmaiden, virgin, unmarried girl
Ekdosisritual of giving away bride
Gynewife, woman, mother of sons
Keleos + Metaneriaking and queen of Eleusis, has 4 daughters and 1 infant son
Demophooninfant son of Keleos + Metaneria
Iambioffers things to Demeter and makes her laugh
Eleusiswhere Eleusinian mysteries are held in temple
Ephebeyoung man 18-20 about to enter military
Delosbarren island
Eileithyiagoddess of child birth
Hecatombs100 cattle sacrifices
PythoDelphi, place of oracle
Pythonmonster Apollo killed in order to establish temple
Pythiapriestess who gives answers (interpreted by male priests)
Pythian Apollo
TyphoeusHera is mother in Homeric Hymn to Apollo, Gaia is mother in Theogany
Telphusaspring nymph that Apollo originally wanted to create his temple at
Asclepiusgod of medicine, son of Apollo
Miasmaritual pollution
Daphnetransformed into a tree (laurel)
Hyacinthkilled b discus
Coronismother of Asclepius, killed for infidelity
Cassandrauseless gift of prophecy
AdmetusApollo serves penance to mortal
EphesusArtemis' temple
Catasterizationto be made into constellation
Actaeonaccidently saw Artemis bathing and she changed him into a stag and was hunted down by his own dogs
Sparagmosto be torn apart
Brauroniaritual including bear dance
Niobeicon of loss, grief, lament
Erichthoniusan early Athenian king born as result of Hephasteus' clumsy advances
Autochthonybirth from earth
LemnosHephasteus' cult site
Hephaisteiontemple in Athens dedicated to Hephasteus
Parthenontemple in Athens dedicated to Athens on Acropolis
CaduceusHermes' staff
Psychopompconduct souls to underworld
Sarpedonmortal son of Zeus
Athamas + Inoin the house of Cadmus; Hermes gave Dionysus to them who raised him as a girl. Hera drove them mad - Athamas killed Learchus thinking he was a deer, Ino threw herself into the sea with Melicertes
mystery rites of Cybele, Phrygian mother-goddessDionysus driven insane by Hera and healed there
thyrsusDionysus' staff pine cone w/ ivey
thiasosfollowers consisting of maenads (or bacchants), satyrs, and wild animals (wildcats, snakes)
maenads or bacchantshuman flowers
satyrshalf animal/ half human followers, party loving creatures
Dionysus associated with what animalGoat
Dionysus plays what musical instrumentpipes and tambourines
nostosreturn to Greece, travels to establish his rites
LycurgusLycurgus persecuted Dionysus, Dionysus drove him mad so that he stuck his own son dead with an axe
Minyadsdaughters of Minyas resisted worship and stayed in their palace, Dionysus punished them by transforming them to bats
ArriadneDionysus' wife, deified through her marriage
ecstasylose sense of self and get outside your boundary
pallophoriacarrying of phallus
eschatologythe study of the final thing
styx, Acheronriver that the souls of the dead must cross
Cerberusmany headed dog, guards the gate of Hades
Elysiumparadise part of Hades
Tartaruscellar of Hades, home for most horrible punishments
Tityrus punishmenttied down and get his liver eaten by 2 vultures b/c he tried to rape Leto
Tantalus punishmentcannot reach food or drink b/c he stole divine food and tried to feed gods his son
Sisyphus punishmentroll rock up hill b/c he tied up Thanatos (death) and then he invaded death by telling his wife not to bury him
Ixion punishmenttied to wheel and rolled around for others to see b/c he killed a kin and tried to write Hera, Kentauros born as a result

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