Greek Words 3 and Latin Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
theomachoifighting against gods
sparagmossacrifice to gods by tearing apart animal
omophagiabecoming one with god by consuming raw victim, sacrifice by community
phallophoriaprocession through the city riding on phallus
enthusiasmosProcession by a god, Supernatural energy, Agave and her thiasos are in the grip of Dionysus
apotheosisbecoming a god
polislarger community
autochthonybirth from earth

Section 2

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Janus'gate': a numen of doors, bridges
Laresancestral spirits, protectors of household members
Penatesprotector of storehouse
Sacrificium('making sacred') a transfer of goods into the ownership of numen, who was expected to give something in return (do ut des - I give in order you may give)

Section 3

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Laviniumfounded by Aeneas
Alba Longafounded by Aeneas' son, Ascanius (Iulus)
Quirinusdeification of Romulus, worshipped as warrior god

Section 4

Question Answer
Chorus in Antigoneelder men of Thebes
Chorus in Medeagirls of Corinth, observe and respond, sympathetic to Medea initially b/c of betrayal
Philomeda metamorphosisswallow with red stain on her throat
Procne metamorphosisnightingale (sing song lamenting loss of her son)
Tereus metamorphosisHoopo, bird of prey who chase swallow and nightingale
woman throw their thyrsts and open wounds, actual weapon of men have no effectBattle of Amazons and Theseus on Areopagus in Athens (also where 1st trial by jury is at, where
Chorus in BacchaeChorus: Pious Asian followers of Dionysus
Cadmus metamorphosisThe dragon-slayer will undergo metamorphosis into a snake