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apotheosisbecoming of a god
eschatologystudy of the final thing
synoikismbringing them all together (Theseus unified the scattered towns of Attica, the regions around Athens)
kleosglory - songs (epics) and momuments after death
timEhonour, recognition of a hero's worth when they are alive i.e. through divisons of spoils from war
nostosreturn home
aristeiaexcellence, achievement, label passage in epik poetry which tells all about the accomplishment in the battlefield
andraman, hero, husband
chthonicoffer blood to bottom of earth
polislarge community
SophoclesAthenian tragedian (ca 496-406 BCE)
Antigone wrote whenca 441 BCE - Sophocles wrote this first
Oedipus the Kingca 428 BCE
Oedipus at Colonusca 401 BCE
AndromedaPerseus' wife
AndromacheHector's wife
AriadneHelper maiden for Theseus, daughter of King Minos
AlcestisAdmetus' wife (the perfect wife)
Story of Pysche sourceApuleius' Metamorphoses or The Golden Ass (late source)
Aethramother of Theseus, daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen (Poisedon + Aegeus King of Athens impregnants her)
Iomother of Ephasus - Perseus' story (then Heracles' story)
Europamother of Minos and Cretan Kings - Theseus story
Iphigeneia Aeschylusunwilling
Iphigeneia Euripedeswilling, substituted with deer by Artemis
CreonJocasta's brother, Antigone's uncle, ruler and general (Oedipus thought he was plotting against him)
Antiope or HippolytaTheseus abducts Amazon queen, their son Hippolytus
PhaedraAriadne's sister who Theseus marries
How was Hippolytus killedTheseus rashly curses his son, destroyed by Poseidon (wave/bull from the sea)
Penthesileaamazon warrior queen that Achilles killed (Trojan allie)
MemnonEthiopian, son of Dawn goddess
AbsyrtusMedea's brother that she killed
How do the gods create Enkidu?autochthony
Aitiology for Gilgamesh' storysnake steals plant, why snake sheds its skin and become young again
AcrisiusKing of Argos, father of Danae
Dictysrescues Daenae and Perseus
PolydectesDictys' brother, receiver of many, pursues Danae
Graiaehags, direct him to nymphs
what are the 3 talisman that the nymphs give Perseus?cap of invisibility (Hades), winged sandals (Hermes), pouch
What was used to behead Medusa?Adamantine sword (sickle shape of agriculture)
Pegasusfathered by Poseidon, jumps out when Perseus cuts Medusa's head
Seriphosisland where Danae and Perseus came to
Where does Athena put Medusa's head?her shield or aegis
Where does Perseus rule?Tiryns and Mycenae (didn't want to rule Argos)
How was Perseus and Andromeda commemorated?catasterization
AmphitryonAlkmene's husband
MegaraHeracle's first wife
DeianeiraHeracle's second wife, 'man-destroyer'
Omphalosforeign queen that Heracles was enslaved to
Aitology for Heracle's storyMilky way
How does Heracles defeat the Hydra?cut off head with sickle of agriculture and his friend used torch to burn it
Nessuscentaur that played trick and caused Heracles to be killed
Ioleprincess of Oichalia
Piloktetesman who burned Heracles alive on a funeral pyre so he can join the gods, abandoned on Lemnos after getting bit by a snake (had poccession of Heracles bow and arrows)
Daedalusan Athenian craftsman and inventor, living in Crete, made bull costume for Pasiphae, designed labyrinth to contain the Minotaur, advised Ariadne about clew of thread
AegeusKing of Athens
PittheusKing of Troezen
What were Theseus' token of his political inheritance?sword and sandals
What were the labours of Theseus?slaying bad guys, Cretan bull, Minotaur
Naxosisland where Theseus abandons Ariadne
What were the 2 fates of Ariadne?1. She gets pulled apart (sparagmos), 2. Dionysus marries her
Androgeusson that King Aegeus of Athens killed
Aegean seaAriadne curses Theseus and he forgets to change the black sail for white sail
Areopagus'Hill of Ares' in Athens, Amazonomachy, battle between Theseus and Amazons
Amazonomachy depicted onStoa Poikile, Parthenon's WEST pediment, shield of Athena beside Parthenon
PirithousTheseus' companion
Aitology of Theseuswhy Athenians have slim butts
How does Heracles die?poison of Hydra from love potion by Deianeira
How does Theseus die?falls or is pushed off a cliff when he goes to Skyros to arrange an alliance with King Lycomedes
Theseus adventures sign of a historical shift fromCrete to Athens
Pericles' citizenship law450/451 BCE, only sons of Athenian fathers AND MOTHERS are citizens of Athens (dangers of foreign bride)
Theseus foundeddemocratic assembly and the Panathenaic festival
Pindar's longest Epicnian postPythian 4 (462 BCE) featuring nobel Jason
Aesonfather of Jason, driven from throne by his brother Pelias
Chiron raisedHeracles, Achilles, Jason, teaches them military, medicine, music
How does Jason lose his sandal?crossing a river when heading to Iolcus to claim his birthright helping Hera in disguise
HellspontHelle carried by flying ram fell into the sea when fleeing from an evil step mother in Greece
ColchisMedea's household
ARGOfirst ship built with help of Athena
ArgonautsHeracles, Orpheus, many others (several fathers of the Trojan heroes)
How does Jason die?falling plank of his rotting ships
Phaethon written whenovid's metamorphoses, 1st century BCE/CE
Clymenemother of Phaethon
How was Phaethon commemorated?catasterization into Auriga the Charioteer
DaedalusAthenian inventor in Crete, imprisoned with his son Icarus by Minos
Icarian seaIcarus fell when he flew too high
Delphic oracle proclaimed who as the wisest personSocrates (he said the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing), he was put to death by Athenians in 399 BCE
How many of Sophocles plays survived?7, 3 concerning house of Laius
What was the order that Sophocles wrote his plays?Antigone > Oedipus the King > Oedipus at Colonus, 40 years apart
What is Oedipus' speaking name?swollen foot
Who was the chorus in Oedipus?old men
What does Oedipus say first?"Oh children"
Birth of tragedy is stimultaneous withestablishment of democracy, in late 6th century
if basic plot was fixedsense of inevitable fate
Aeschylus' Orestiaperformed in City Dionysus, in Athens, in 458 BCE
Saphroncolour of wedding dress
What does Clytemnestra compare being covered by Agamemnon's blood tocorn that feels rain in the spring time
Who are the chorus in Agamemnonold men
Who are the chorus in Libation BearersTrojan slave-woman
PyladesOrestes' companion
Electra's lament purposecommemorate the dead (keep his memory alive), call for avengers
"dead hand" motifannounce own death in disguise
Who used the "this is the breast that fed you"Hecuba appealing to Hector, Helen appealing to Menelaus, Clytemnestra appearing to Orestes
In Eumenides who gave Apollo Delphic OraclePhoebe
Who are the chorus in Eumanidesfuries
What happens in Libation Bearers?Orestes plans and kills Clytemnestra
Where is the first trial by jury for homicide?Areopagus in Athens
EumenidesKindly Ones
Odysseussacker of Troy
Calypso speaking nameI hide, I cover, I conceal
AreteNausicaa's mother
AnticleiaOdysseus' mother
EurycleiaOdysseus' old nurse
PolyphemusCyclops, son of Poseidon
LaertesOdysseus' father
EurylochusOne of Odysseus' companions
EumaeusOdysseus' faithful swineherd
Odyssey first wordandra
Calypso, Circesinging and weaving (2 ways of telling story)
What are the 2 songs that Phaecian bard sings?Love affair of Ares and Aphrodite, story of Trojan horse
Book 9-12Odysseus' narrative, LONGEST AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Book 1-5Telemacheia
Books 6-12Phaecia
Book 9Cyclopeia
What does Odysseus blind the cyclops with?Olive wood stake
What was Odysseus' bad mistake?he reveals his name so allows cyclops to pray to Poseidon
Book 10Circe
Book 11Odysseus' necromancy
Thrinakiaisland where Helios' cattles are
Book 13-24Odysseus on Ithaca
Aeneasfounds new nation in Italy which eventually becomes Rome
Who is given to Neoptolemus as a captiveAndromache
Who is given to Odysseus as a captiveHecuba
Who is given to ghost of Achilles as a captivePolyxena (to get wind to go back to Greece)
What are the 3 conditions for Troy's fall?1. Achilles' son Neoptolemus (on Skyros), 2. Bow of Heracles. 3. Statue of Pallas Athena in Troy
What do the beauty contest, best of Achaeans createstrife
How does Achilles die?Paris arrow to the Achilles' heel
Book 18 of Iliaddevoted to shield of Achilles, earliest extended description of a work of art (whole world on it)
Book 16 of IliadHector set fire to the Greek ships (huge moment of crisis)
Book 11 of IliadAgamemnon, Diomedes, Odysseus are wounded
Meleagermythical example that Pheonix used
Book 9 of Iliadembassy to Achilles
AstyanaxHector's infant son
Sapphoon island of Lesbos, makes wedding songs on papyrus
Auliswhere ships gather to go to Troy
Hecuba's dreamgive birth to a torch
Major sources of the Trojan warepic cycle (archaic period) - lost Greek epic poems, preserved in fragments, summaries; later literature based on earlier myths e.g. Athenian tragedy, Pinar, late epic
PeleusKing of Phthia in Thessaly, marries Thetis
TyndareusKing of Sparta
Palamedescunning intelligence, takes Telemachus and puts him in the way of the plow
Khrysespriest of Khryse, supplicate for his daughter Khryseis
Calchasprophet sacred to Apollo for the Greek army
Diomedesexcellent warrior on side of Greeks
Who has longest speech in Iliad?Pheonix
SarpedonZeus' son, Trojan warrior, dies at hand of Patroklos

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