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LacedaemoniansSpartans + Peroieci
Eurotas RiverSpartan River
LaconiaSpartan Homeland
MesseniaSpartan Conquered Lands
TarasSpartan Colony
Sparta LocationFar Inland
Early Spartan ConquestsConquers Laconia and Messenai in 8th century
PerioeciSpartan Neighbors / Handed all trade
HelotsSpartan Slaves
2nd Messenian WarSparta loses to Argos in 669 BC but eventually wins
LycurgusSpartan law giver around 700s founder of consitition and social / military orders
EunomiaGood order
Spartan UpbringingBrutal / Ephebes from 14 -20 / In sussytion until 30
HomoioiEconomic Equality in Spartan Economy / Equal land for all
GerousiaSpartan Aristocracy / 28 men
Ephors5 Spartan overseers of laws and male uprbringing
KrypteiaSpartan Secret Police
EupatridsPeople with good fathers
3 Archons of Early AthensArchon / Polemarch / Archon basileus
Thesmothetai6 Added Archons
CylonSeizes Athenian Acropolis with Megaran help
Alcmaeonid FamilyKills Cylon and followers / Cursed
Draconian LawsReduced blood feuds / State enforced punishments / Homicide Law
SolonPoet / Merchant / Soldier / Wise man / Chief Archon in 594 BC
Solon ReformsOutlawed debt slavery and wiped debts / standard currency / foreign citizenship / grain export outlawed / common laws in marketplace
AgoraMarket place
Seisachtheia Shaking off of burdens
Solon Political Reforms4 Citizen Classes
BouleCouncil of 400 / Top 3 clases
Assembly (Ekklesia)All 4 classes of citizens
Judicial CourtsAll 4 classes of citizens
ArchonsOnly top class of citizens
AeropagusArchons join after service
PisistratusTyrant of Athens 3 Times
1st Tyranny of PisistratusRaises bodyguard / Exiled
2nd Tyranny of PisistratusAllies with Megacles and Alcmaeonid / Returns with Athena in 558 BC / Exiled again in 555 BC
3rd Tyranny of PisistratusAmasses wealth in the North / Raises Mercenary Army / Defeats Athens in Battle / Rules until death
Pisistratus as a tyrantNew festivals to Dionysus / Enlarges Panathenaea festival
HippiasSon of Pisistratus / Ruled with brother Hipparchus
Tyrannicides Harmodius and Aristogiton / Assassinate Hipparchus
Alcmaeonids rebuild temple of Apollo at DelphiOracle of Delphi convinces Spartans to Free Athens
CleisthenesAlcmaeonid / Leader of Athens after Hippias / Radically reforms political structure
Cleisthenes Reforms Gerrymandering Divided Athens into 3 parts / 10 trittyes in each 3rd / 10 tribes from with one Trittys from each 3rd
Cleisthenes Reforms BouleBoule of 500 / 50 people from each tribe / Ruled for 10th of year
Cleisthenes Generals10 Strategoi / 1 form each tribe
OstracismExile anyone for 10 years if enough people vote
Miletus RevoltGreek City of Miletus revolts against Persia / Athens helps
Ionian RevoltGreek forces burn persian city Sardis / Persians destroy Miletus
HerodotusFather of History / 5th Century / History of Persian wars
1st Persian warPersia destroys Eretria / Battle of Marathon / 490 BC
Battle of MarathonAthenians and Platacea / Spartans can't help / Complete Greek Victory
Aftermath of 1st Persian War in AthensArchons elected by lot / Strategoi gain power / Huge silver mine in Laurium
Silver mine of LauriumGoes to building Athenian navy thanks to Themistocles
481 BCXerxes invades again / Hellenic League forms for defense
Hellenic LeagueSpartans have command / 31 City States
Battle of Thermopylae5200 Allied greeks / Eventually lost
Battle of ArtemisiumIndecisive / Greeks retreat to Salamis after Thermopylae
Themistocles During Persian War 2Sends secret message to Xerxes saying to attack greek navy in Salamis / Xerxes takes the bait and persians decimated
Xerxes leaves GreeceBeheads ship captains / Guards Hellespont / Leaves part of army to General Mardonius
Battle of Plataea 479 BC / Mardonius invades Athens / Spartans bring army north / Largest land battle to date / Greeks victorious / Same day greek navy victorious
Delian LeagueAthens and Allies join forces / On island of Delos / Headed by Athens / Treasury on Athens
CimonSon of Miltiades / Leading Athenian Politician and General after Persian wars
Battle of Eurymedon River467 BC / Removes persian threat
NaxosIsland that tries to leave Delian League / Athens confiscates all ships
ThasosSame fate of Naxos
Themistocles After WarsOstracized in 471 / Pursued by Spartans / Refuge with King of Persia
Sparta after Persian Wars464 / Earthquake / Helot Revolt / Appeal to Hellenic League
Athenian Debate to Help SpartaCimon for it / Some oppose it / Cimon leads 4000 hoplites to Sparta / Spartans reject them
PericlesLeader of Athens after Cimon / Increases Democracy / Moves treasury to Athens
30 Years PeacesSparta and Athens / Can't interfere with allies / No allies can leave or join / Neutrals free to join / Disagreements settled by Arbitration
Athenian Gov after Persian Wars10 Elected Generals / Archons chosen by lot / Huge paid juries / Assembly meets every 10 days / more power to people specifically rowers
Citizenship in Athens (After 451)Both parents must be citizens
Marriage in Athens (After 451)Male dominated / Ritualized kidnapping
Inheritance LawMale relative must marry sole surviving daughter and have sex
MeticsResident aliens in Athens / Often Wealthy
Working Citizens in AthensTrade by sea / Agriculture esteemed
SophistsRhetoric based / question conventional beliefs
Build up to Peloppensian warAssembly in Sparta / War starts in 431
Periclean Strategy for Pelop WarStay in Athens walls / Navy raid Peloponesian coast
Archidamian WarCleon leads Athens / Battles of Pylos and Sphacteria / Athenians reject peace treaty
Peace of Nicias421 - 414 / Nicias lead negotiator
Destruction of MelosDuring Nicias Peace / Athens wants Melos support / Destroys them when they oppose
AlcibiadesProminent Athenian / Leads Sicilian Invasion / Defects to Sparta during invasion / Defects to Persia / Then back to Athens
Invasion of Sicily Nicias in charge / Athenians defeated / Massive loss
Alicbiades Leaves SpartaGoes to Persia / Promises aid if Athens abolishes democracy
Council of 400Oligrachy replaces democracy in Athens / Alcibiades comes back / Expands to 5000
ArginusaeAthenian Victory in Pelop war / Generals beheaded for leaving bodies in the ocean
AegospotamiComplete Spartan naval victory
End of Pelop warAthens grain supply cut off / long walls torn down
ThucydidesExiled from Athens / History of the Peloponnesian War / General / Had the Plague
ArchidamusSpartan general / Speaks against war
Pericle's Funeral OrationHonor dead during first year of fighting / Apologizes / Talks about Athenian Character / Praises the dead / Comforts survivors
PanegyricPraise for the dead / Advice to survivors
TyrtaeusSpartan poet around 2nd Messenian War
AristidesThe Just / General and Archon / Ostracized
MiltiadesFather of Cimon / General of Battle of Marathon
LeonidasKing of Sparta / Died at Thermoplyae
ErechtheumTemple on north side of Acropolis dedicated to Athena and Poseidon
Plague of Athens430 BC Killed 1/3 - 2/3 Pop
CleonGenral During Pelop War / Leader after Pericles Death / Dies in 422
CaryatidGreek sculpture of a female replacing column as a support
Architectural OrdersDorian / Ionic / Corinthian
PedimentTriangular Roof of Parthenon
Metope92 / Underneath the Pediment
FriezeLike metopes / on the second row of columns

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