Greek Mythology

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Question Answer
GaeaEarth goddess.
UranusSky god and first ruler. He is the son of Gaea, who created him without help. He then became the husband of Gaea and together they had many offspring, including twelve of the Titans.
CronusRuling Titan who came to power by castrating his Father Uranus. He was father of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.
RheaWife of Cronus.
OceanusUnending stream of water encircling the world.
Tethys Wife of Oceanus. Together they produced the rivers and the three thousand ocean nymphs
HyperionTitan of light, the father of the sun, the moon, and the dawn.
MnemosyneTitan of memory.
ThemisTitan of justice and order.
IapetusFather of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Atlas.
CoeusTitan of Intelligence.
KriosThe god of constellations.
PhoebeTitan of the Moon.
TheaThe titan goddess of sight.
PrometheusMade man in the image of the gods, gave them upright form, and knowledge of fire.
EpimetheusThe creator of animals.
AtlasHolds the Earth on his back.
MetisTitan goddess of wisdom and knowledge.

Olympian gods

Question Answer
ZeusKing of the gods, lord of the sky, and the rain god.
PoseidonLord of the sea.
HadesLord of the underworld and wealth.
HestiaShe is the Goddess of the Hearth.
HeraShe is the protector of marrage
Ares He is the god of war and bloodshed.
Athena She is the goddess of wisdom, strategic war, the city, handicrafts, and agriculture.
ApolloHe is the god of music, The god of healing who taught man medicine, the god of light, and the god of truth
AphroditeThe goddess of love, desire and beauty.
HermesHe is Zeus' messenger. He is the fastest of the gods.
ArtemisShe is the lady of the wild things. She is the huntsman of the gods. She is the protector of the young.
HephaestusHe is the god of fire and the forge.

Lesser gods

Question Answer
DemeterThe godess of corn, grain, and the harvest.
PersephoneQueen of the underworld.
DionysusThe god of the vine.
ErosThe god of love.
HebeShe is the goddess of youth.
ErisShe is the goddess of discord.
HeliosThe god of the sun, but was soon overshadowed by Apollo.
ThanatosThe god of death.
PanHe is the god of goatherds and shepherds. He is mostly human in appearnce but, with goat horns and goat feet.
NemesisThis god helped to avenge those who were wronged.
The GracesAglaia (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer).
The Muses Clio (History), Urania (Astronmy), Melpomene (Tragedy), Thalia (Comedy), Terpsichore (Dance), Calliope (Epic Poetry), Erato (Love Poetry), Polyhymnia (Songs to the Gods), Euterpe (Lyric Poetry).
The ErinnyesErinnyes, Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto. Also known as the Furies, punish crime.
The Fates Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life. Lachesis, the measurer, who choses the lot in life one will have and measures off how long it is to be. Atropos, she who can not be turn, who at death with her shears cuts the tread of life.